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FSA Council News

By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminstrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
December - no meeting


March - no meeting

The committee welcomed Steve Elson who reviewed what has transpired to date, as well looked into the future on creating a new branding model that will grow with the changes. Several ideas and templates were shared, and the committee felt that a new logo would evolve from the reorganization of the church.

Several events are being promoted in conjunction with the chairs responsible: The spring music concert has been out on several platforms, the ad on Facebook has reached 3441 accounts, and 175 of these have clicked on the FSA link. Of those 175, 134 female, 37 male, 4 unknown. Age breakdown is as follows;
18-24                                                   4
25-34                                                   3
35-44                                                   7
45-54                                                   23
55-64                                                   53
65 +                                                     85

The posters for Living on, A seminar on effective estate planning have been printed and being distributed. An event on Facebook has been created inviting several members to this event. I would ask that other share and invite your friends to this event.
The committee has decided to drop the monthly face to face meetings, and will meet at minimum 4 times through out the year. We will continue to collaborate electronically, and when the need arises conduct conference calls.

Note that Worship has combined with CD as a single committee

Look for their report in the alpha list of committees as Worship/Christian Development

April 2018

1. The monthly financial statements for January, February and March will be distributed separately.
• The format has been changed but is a work in progress.
• Sunday givings are below budget, as might be expected for this time of year, the monthly budget
breakdown being somewhat artificial.
• The 2017, low-key, Stewardship Campaign resulted in the total amount pledged being up 1.2%
over the 2016 campaign. We gained a net increase of 8 in the number of contributors using PAR.
• The 3 week Easter Appeal resulted in contributions of $1,815. The Christmas Appeal will have to do
very well to hit our budgeted total for the two appeals.
2. The “unaudited statements” will not be ready until May, since our external accountant has FSA on his
back burner until the end of tax season. There has been a lot of back and forth with Rick Scarborough
concerning our way of accounting for several items in past years.
3. The external Electronic Sign initiative has been halted since the City will not allow the kind of sign we
hoped to install. Three alternative projects have been suggested to donors to the sign fund raising
campaign: the Garden Project, an internal electronic messaging system, and a projection screen/system
for use in the sanctuary.
4. New signing officers have been established at TD Bank.
5. 2018 Stewardship Campaign
Rev. Michelle has developed a five-week worship plan for fall 2018 focused on the stewardship theme,
with Sunday October 21 being “Stewardship Sunday”. The Finance Committee will dovetail its
Stewardship Campaign accordingly. Planning will begin in May.
6. Data Base planning: the Finance Committee will continue to research data base solutions that might
offer improvement over “Donor Perfect.”
7. Members of the Finance Committee, along with Heather Vouvalidis and guests from Presbytery and
area churches are participating, here at FSA, in a four program Webinar Series produced by the UC of
Canada. A single program on Stewardship will be streamed by the UCC on Wed, April 25, 1:00-2:30 pm.
It is free and can be tuned in at home or at the church. If you are interested in joining us for pop and
popcorn at FSA, please speak to Rev. Michelle or Kerry Hill (contact info below).
8. FSA Fund Raising Coordination
This issue was raised at Council earlier this year. An FSA Standard Operating Procedure is already in
place which gives the Finance Committee responsibility for reviewing and approving new fund raising
initiatives. Members feel that there are currently too many “pop-up” fund raisers, sometimes with little
thought given to their timing. Many feel we have our hands out far too often. A separate note will be
circulated in this regard.
Finance Committee Report to Council & Trustees – April 2018 page 2
10. Cash Handling at FSA
An FSA Standard Operating Procedure is already in place regarding the logistics of handling
money; that is, how money is collected at various events and then is counted and/or transported
within the church. (E.g worship collection, ticket sales, sales of merchandise including gift cards,
cash paid for meals and money collected at small fund raisers.) The SOP has been reviewed by the
Finance Committee and a note will be sent to all units of the church in this regard.
11. Second Safe for Office
Currently, some money is left in the Administrator’s office (which has a security alarm) after an
event if the safe in not accessible. A second safe or a revised procedure concerning the current
safe will be considered.
12. Next Finance Committee meeting is Monday, May 14 at 7:00 pm. We would love to hear about
any concerns you may have.

April 2018


April 2018

Following the Amnesty International Write-a-Thon in March there were 50 letters written by members of the congregation to be mailed to political prisoners and $87.30 was submitted to Amnesty International
The campaign to raise money for the Canadian Food Grains Bank began on Sunday, April 8 and will culminate again this year with hot dogs and corn in September. Envelopes are available in the atrium and narthex for your financial support
Our 12th annual fundraising Golf Tournament will be held on June 9 at the Ironwood Golf Club.   Registration forms will be available for Golf, Dinner and the Nature Walk every Sunday until then after the church service.
This year we will donate money to Camp Kee Mo Kee from the proceeds of the golf tournament

April 2018

Report from meeting held April 8, 2018.
1. Arts after 5
An email invitation has been sent to those people who attended the October Community Round
Table to come to an informal wine and cheese reception on May 8, 5:00-6:30pm. This will be the
first gathering for this group since the round table.
2. Tuskegee Golden Voices Choir Concert – March 7
Two hundred and forty four tickets were sold. Costs were covered and the balance went to the
concert organizer Tom Mawhinney.
3. Friday Lenten Noon Recitals and Lunches
Recitals and lunches went well. Thank you to our wonderful performers and a big thank you to
the willing volunteers without whom these events would not be possible.
4. Elijah Performance – April 21 @ 7:30pm
This concert is fast approaching and a huge amount of effort has been put into its preparation by
Terry and the 80+ singers. The collaboration between the FSA Senior Choir and the London Pro
Musica Choir is indicative of the long term planning goals for the “Arts at FSA” initiative. The
performance will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Elmer Butt a long-time supporter of the
music program. Members of Dr. Butt’s family have been given tickets to the performance.
5. Chapel Organ move
The Chapel organ, now named the Chancel organ, is in place in the Sanctuary and received its
first performance on Good Friday when Paul Merritt played on it for the Rutter Requiem.
6. Music Matters – April 27-29
Billets have volunteered to accommodate the out-of-town executive for this event. Only
breakfast needs to be provided by billets. This event is in collaboration with Revitalize 2 at
Metropolitan United -
7. 50th Anniversary of the FSA Casavant Organ
Terry is inviting Isabelle Demers to be the guest organist for an anniversary concert in March
2019. This will be in partnership with the RCCO. Link to Isabelle Demers website:
8. Eberhard Vocal Scholarship
Terry has advertised the Eberhard vocal scholarship to students in the Don Wright Faculty of
Music. There is one potential soprano for the fall so far. A brochure about how to apply is on
the FSA web site at
9. Senior Choir
The Good Friday service with the combined choirs of FSA and Metropolitan United went very
well. The choirs performed the Rutter Requiem (as mentioned above) accompanied by the
Chancel organ, harp, flute, oboe, cello and percussion. The senior choir will have the
opportunity to participate in workshops being given during “Music Matters”, April 27 & 28.
10. Laudamus Bells
The Laudamus Bells will be playing next on May 13 - Mother’s Day, and at the Ordination
Service on May 26.
11. Junior Choirs
The Junior Choirs sang in the service on Apr 8 and will sing on May 6.
12. FSA Strings
The FSA strings will be transitioning their leadership this year. They are planning their spring
concert for May 30. Bruce Richardson will be assisted by Bob Kennedy and Igor Saika-Voivod

The Nominating Committee will be totally new this year. The new Chair is Bob Swartman, past-chair of Council, and the representative from the Membership & Nurture Committee is the new Chair of that committee, Heather Locking-Cusolito.

Also we will be seeking replacements for Bob Slater, Bev Lindsay and Katie Glaves, all of whom have resigned for personal reasons.

Get the latest update on the council committee membership roster

Presbytery met on Feb. 27th at Siloam United Church. The Chair of Council, Ric Graham welcomed us to Siloam. He spoke of the Arva Atrium that was named to honour their recent amalgamation. The atrium includes a stained glass window from Arva United Church. Worship included a covenanting service for Rev. Krista Elizabeth Winn who serves Fairmount United Church. We broke into three different groups to discuss and brainstorm about three areas where we’ll need to form relationships when we move into the new regional model. The breakout groups included Mission/Outreach led by Carolyn Murray and Linda Badke, Clergy Networking facilitated by Anne Beattie-Stokes as well as Children/Youth led by Betsy Exley. Mary Ann Hodge and Jane Dockrill attended the meeting as guests. Dave Whiting gave a presentation on Camp Kee Mo Kee’s capital Fundraising Project, Revitalize Kee-Mo-Kee-Building Tomorrow Together. The daycare project in South Africa spearheaded by Pam Tolmay and the formerly Division of World Outreach is now open and running thanks to much work on the part of Pam who spent a great deal of time in South Africa working to ensure that all was in order.

April 2018

Facilities Report

Maintenance & Improvements

  • Simpson fence quoted repairs to east fence damaged by 360 Queens Ave. snow plows. Need approval to proceed.
  • A larger key lock box was purchased and installed in the Reception Office. The old lockbox will be installed in the lower Custodian Room.
  • A wireless video camera was purchased to improve visibility of Atrium entrance door access. The unit had slow response times and wireless issues. It was returned for a full refund. Recommend a wired camera upgrade.
  • A 10 year battery smoke detector was installed at Meals on Wheels, 2nd floor. Meals on Wheels staff removed the 120V wired unit previously but left exposed wires protruding from the ceiling. Notified Meals on Wheels Administrator of repairs required to fix this hazard. No reply yet.
  • Chapel Air Handling Unit filters were changed. The outside intake grill need cleaning also. This grill is approximately 25 feet above ground. Schedule when a scissor lift is on site.
  • Ian’s Cartage is willing to remove and recycle the old music items in the tower. They estimated approximately $150 for this service. Will schedule after Kiwanis Competition is finished.
  • Proudfoot Hall Kitchen hot water tap at west sink was not working. Replaced inserts and seats for both hot and cold taps. Taps have moderate wear but should last a few more years yet.
  • Splintered wood was repaired on the Atrium pew near the Sanctuary entrance. Also, the pew near the Parlour has developed a significant crack in the wood back.
  • A decorative wood ornament above the west Narthex roof has rotted and broke apart. Pieces were found on the lawn below. See attached. Mike Westmorland has offered to make a new wood ornament for the east and west Narthex. Will remove remainder of west ornament for safety and replication.

Tim Miedema

April 2018

The Board of Trustees last meeting was held on April 11, 2018 and here are the highlights of that meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2018, with an additional Trustee meeting to be scheduled re. the Camp Kee-Mo-Kee request for capital and endowment funding in the interim.


  • The Investment Committee report:                                                                                         
    • The RESTRICTED trust funds at March 31, 2018 are:
      • Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Fund         $ 2,500,000
      • Brown Fund                                          $    592,369
      • Butt Fund                                              $    137,368
      • Clark Fund                                            $      88,732
      • Eberhard Fund                                      $      63,805
      • Wilson Fund                                          $      22,357
      • Bass Fund                                            $      24,081
        • TOTAL  RESTRICTED                $ 3,428,712      
    • Proudfoot Legacy UNRESTRICTED Trust Fund   $ 1,027,618
    • TOTAL TRUST FUNDS                                      $ 4,456,330
    • Committed, awaiting payment for 2018 Operations and Capital Expenses:
      • From Clark for continuing education       $      6,000
      • From Brown for Brown committee          $    13,500
      • From Brown for Y&YF Coordinator         $    25,000
      • From Wilson for chapel organ move       $      4,000        
      • From Proudfoot for 2018 Operations       $  112,500        
        • TOTAL                                      $  161,000


    • First Quarter 2018 ytd investment performance is -0.8%. The 9-year compound performance for January 2009 to December 2017 is 5.1%.
    • In February 2018, a generous bequest from the estate of Elmer Butt was gratefully received and invested.
    • Looking at pro formas for future years, Trustees continue to be concerned about crossing two red lines: one when envelope givings do not cover the M&P staff expenses; the second red line coming when income from the Proudfoot Legacy Funds do not cover the need for annual trust fund revenues for Operations and therefore Trust Fund capital would be eroded. These are both forecast to happen in the next 1 to 5 years. It was recommended that these pro formas be updated with 2017 actual financials and 2018 budget information with Finance and reviewed at a future Council Executive meeting with recommendations for action. Then it is to be presented to Council.
  • The Insurance Committee report:
  • The FSA insurance broker is being contacted regarding the youth mission trip to northern Ontario and Manitoba, the purpose of the trip being to educate the youth about First Nations culture, in order to cover liability for the trip.
  • The annual insurance policy renewal is due June 1st. The recently updated inventory of church property will be provided to the insurer.


  • The Long Term Giving Committee report:

The Board of Trustees will present an important Estate Planning Seminar on May 15, 2018.
The Communications and Marketing Committee are assisting with the promotion of the event and a pamphlet and poster are being developed.

The following speakers have been confirmed:

  • David McKane – visitation Minister at FSA
  • Michael Menear – lawyer specializing in estate and trust law
  • Karen MacDonald – lawyer specializing in powers of attorney and wills
  • Peter McCallum – investment advisor
  • Gay Waters – Services Consultant at Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries and Crematorium

The Co-Chairs of Trustees will be contacting the members of Council to encourage their individual attendance and to promote attendance by their respective Committee members. This event is important to the future of our church. Individual Trustees will help make others aware of this initiative. Information about the seminar will continue to be included in the weekly FSA e-blast and bulletin.  

  • The Memorial Committee report
      • Memorials Sunday will be held on April 22, 2018.  The bequest from the estate of Elmer Butt will be recognized.  (FYI – the Elijah concert on April 21, 2018 is also dedicated to the memory of Elmer Butt.) Members of the Butt family have been invited to the service and a reception for the family and the Trustees will be held in the Parlour prior to the service.  The Proudfoot Legacy Tree leaf will be dedicated during the service with the installation of the leaf with family in attendance to take place directly after the service in the Atrium.


  • Camp Kee-Mo-Kee Request

Camp Kee Mo Kee has embarked on a $1.5 million fundraising campaign. 

John Eberhard circulated a memo outlining FSA’s history with Kee Mo Kee, their request for a donation of $150,000 from FSA and feedback to date received from members of the Trustees and congregation of FSA. 

A donation of $100,000 was proposed, with a financing plan to meet this request.
Trustees discussed the donation and have requested answers to the following questions / concerns:

  • Kee Mo Kee is an incorporated ministry within Middlesex Presbytery of the United Church of Canada. How does this change with the elimination of Presbyteries and the introduction of Regions? Continued existence?
  • Naming opportunities are available for capital campaign contributions.
  • Support has been expressed to support the capital side of the campaign but not the endowment fund. 
  • Christian Development and/or Mission and Outreach Committee should be visibly supportive of this donation as it goes to Council and the congregation.
  • The matter of land ownership was raised.  Are there any restrictions or use permits?
  • What is the role of Presbytery in Camp ownership and/or operations?
  • What programs at the Camp does FSA and the Christian Development Committee participate in, currently and in future?  Can this be strengthened?
  • Is there an opportunity for FSA representation on the Camp board or advisory committee?

A special meeting of Trustees, to include CD and MO, will be scheduled as soon as answers to the above are available.

  • General:          
      • Trustees have agreed to host Coffee and Conversation for the month of May 2018.
      • A Trustee meeting, in the next month, is being scheduled with Kee Mo Kee.
      • Strong encouragement to Council and the congregation to attend the May 15, 2018 seminar. The seminar “Living On. A Guide to Effective Estate Planning” features top professionals addressing how to properly manage estate assets.



April 2018

April 2018

  1. The committee took time to reflect and appreciate the following in the past month: Lenten Journey, the SWELL, the combination of the 2 committees, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services, children’s participation in Palm Sunday service, special needs and services that are acknowledged in the service each week, and Mining the Mystery Session 3.
  2. The May 27th service will be lead by a group on the committee as Rev. Michelle will be at London Conference.
  3. June 1-3 is Kee Mo Kee weekend.  The service will be held at Kee Mo Kee on Sunday morning with a lunch to follow.  The youth will be spending the night Friday and Saturday, all others are welcome to spend the night on Saturday.  There will be a bus from FSA to Kee Mo Kee and return on Sunday as there will be no service at FSA.
  4. The committee is looking to see if Greening of the Cross can be incorporated into a service this spring.
  5. There will be 3 baptisms on April 15th.  Dessert will be provided.
  6. It is agreed that Elijah could have a special announcement at the service on the 15th to promote their event and the involvement of this as part of the long term planning committee’s vision.  MO will use their May Moment for Mission to promote the White Squirrel Event.
  7. Church School is currently learning the Mary and Martha story and will be heading into the Prodigal Son.  Spirit Games will run June 10, 17 and 24.
  8. The youth mission trip planning to northern Ontario and Manitoba is well underway.  There will be 3-4 youth and leaders joining the group from a church in Kitchener to even the number out to 10.
  9. May 6th service will be focused on youth music of all ages.  There will not be a production but rather individual youth and children presentations.
  10. The committee would like to recommend to Council that a strategy be developed to address funding for projects which fall across multiple committees.


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