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Council is composed of the chairs of the churches administrative committees by constitution. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminsitrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

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  3. Draft minues of the 2017 Annual Congregational meeting
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Report to Council

June 2017


Report to Council
June 2017

Doors Open
Planning for the event is well underway, the committee is seeking volunteers for the day, and for those interested please contact either Pat Tripp and or Heather Locking-Cusolito
Electronic Sign
The estimate and drawings were submitted to property. We will continue to look for ideas on fundraising, and may look at alternative plans based on traffic flow should the BRT go through for Queens Ave.
Event bookings
The committee discussed at length the event calendars and how best to proceed with the events for 2017-2018. A meeting with Jane and George took place and out of that felt it best to have one point of contact for the calendar, and that any potential conflict would be dealt with by staff at the time of booking. C&M as per the council motion of April 2017 continue to review FSA events and fundraisers The current calendar as found on the web is in sync, and updated as the events flow into the office.
  As part of the continuing outreach, and events the congregation currently promotes and runs it would be our recommendation that council as a whole look at one or two major events, work collaboratively as a council on these, and pick a common goal for these.

report to council

June 2017


Statement of Revenues and Expenses – May 2017                                   

See attached statements - As presented, the surplus (profit) for May is $917 vs a budgeted deficit (loss) of ($939). It was noted that the profit in the gift card program for May was $1,874.This is not realistic and Finance will look at June’s results very carefully to ascertain if there was a timing error. 

It was also discussed that there are many disruptions to Heather Vouvalidis’s daily activities that can affect her work. It was suggested that Finance request that M&P ensure that Heather has the proper time to get her work completed.

Final insurance settlement re July 1, 2016 break-in.

The total cost of repairs for the damage related to the July 1, 2016 break in was approx $36,000, of which the Insurer paid $31,000 and FSA paid the deductible of $5,000. 

Stewardship campaign?

The Stewardship Campaign-it is our understanding that it is not necessarily a standard practice of UCC for each church to conduct a stewardship campaign, but can be determined by each individual congregational unit.
It is not of the responsibility of the Finance Committee to undertake a Stewardship Campaign but` to have input to the Stewardship Committee or to Council.

Council decides if there will be a campaign with continued pledging.

Finance Committee Membership.

Because of recent resignations, as of July 1, 2017 there will be four members of the Finance Committee. Jo Ann Silcox has provided a list of possible contacts to solicit for their interest in joining the Finance Committee, which list has been circulated to the Finance Committee members.
In the interim, Kerry Stover has agreed to be acting Chair of the Finance Committee for the summer.

Report to Council
June 2017

Report to Council
June 2017

  • Our 11th annual Golf Tournament at Ironwood in Exeter was again a huge success.  We raised over $11,000 which will be distributed among the following groups: St. Paul’s Daily Bread; East London United Church Outreach; the Extreme Hunger Relief Fund through the UCC; Los Quinchos School for street vendors in Nicaragua and a scholarship fund for a deserving student in Managua.  Sincere thanks are extended to Diane Knoppert, Margo Christodoulou, Liz Galbraith and the rest of the Golf Committee as well as MOE committee members for their diligent work over the past several years.
  • The MOE committee raised $127 on Sundae Sunday which will be donated to the Electronic Sign fund.
    Please join us for our annual Corn Roast Foodgrains Bank fundraiser immediately following the service on Sunday, September 10.

Our committee will be actively searching for two or more people to convene the Golf Tournament next year.  Diane Knoppert and Margo Christodoulou announced their retirement from this responsibility after this year.  Please consider this request and contact a member of the MOE committee if you can assist with this very important fund raising activity which supports local as well as international charities.

Report to Council

June 2017

Terms of Reference for Eberhard Music Scholarship

These terms of reference have been updated and are now posted on the FSA website at

Terms of Reference for Friends of Music

These terms of reference are being updated and once approved by the committee will be taken to Council for approval.  When approved by Council, they will be posted on the FSA website.

Volunteers for Friends of Music Concerts and Advent and Lenten Luncheons

The many volunteers from this past season were thanked and we brainstormed on ways to obtain volunteers for next season. A checklist of jobs for the Advent and Lenten luncheons is being developed that will be used by rotating leaders for each of the luncheons.

Concert Ticket Prices

It was decided to charge students $10 for concert tickets and nonstudents will be charged $20.

Moving Chapel Organ to the Sanctuary

Terry is working with the Dodingtons to see what is possible for moving the chapel organ to the front of the Sanctuary on the Lectern side. It would be helpful to have it moved by April 2018 for the choir’s performance of Elijah with orchestra.

Music Events for 2017-2018

Terry presented a full range of concerts for the 2017-2018 concert season that includes a Hymn Festival in October, the Canadian Brass in November, The Gift of the Magi in December, Advent Noon Recitals, the Tuskegee Golden Choir in March, Lenten Noon Recitals, and Elijah in April. We plan to serve beer and wine at the reception for the Canadian Brass concert in November.
Permission to acquire a liquor licence to sell alcohol at this event will be requested at the June Council meeting.  This licence will cost $75 and there is a 30 day processing time.

Laudamus Bells

Our handbell group attended Festival 2017 of the Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers [OGEHR] at McMaster University in Hamilton on May 25-27. An excellent guest conductor, Michael Glasgow, was brought in to teach improved ringing techniques while preparing 350 ringers to play pieces in a final concert. A special choir of elite ringers also played in this concert and was directed by Terry Head. There were also mini-concerts over the two days and our group played a solo in one of these mini-concerts.

Report to Council

June 2017


Report to Council
June 2017


                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

June 2017


Report to Council

June 2017

No Report Received

Report to Council

June 2017

Action Plan updates:

  • David McKane is organizing a workshop on leading congregational prayer with a tentative date of late September or early October.
  • Most scripture readers are practicing before the service.
  • Jane Dockrill will present the Children’s Story when there is a change in the theme in the Sunday School curriculum.
  • Tim is checking the assisted hearing devices. An instruction card has not yet been developed.
  • Comments from the Worship Feedback have been passed on to MOE, Music and CD.

Anniversary 2017:

  • Gary Paterson, former Moderator of the United Church of Canada will be able to do a Proudfoot Lecture on the evening of November 21. Our travel costs will be less if we co-ordinate his visit with a National Church meeting in Toronto, hence the Nov. 21 date. We need to ask Council if we can switch the date of Council in November.
  • November church services will all be related to our 185th Anniversary:

Nov. 5 – Remembrance Day
Nov. 12 – David McKane will speak with a theme related to the 185th Anniversary.
Nov. 19 – the Salvation Army Band
Nov. 21 – the Proudfoot Lecture
Nov. 26 – Communion and the Anniversary Service – An invitation has gone out to neighbouring churches to join us that day.
Review of Worship Services:

  • Members were generally pleased with the service at Kee Mo Kee, communion and the youth involvement

Upcoming Services:

  • June 25 – Baptism and a celebration of Canada’s 150th.
  • July 2 – Tom Hiscock preaching - summer services begin in Proudfoot Hall – because Tim has some health issues, he cannot be expected to set up and take down chairs on a weekly basis during the summer. Therefore, we will be relying on Volunteers to set up and take down chairs each week. There will not be a printed bulletin in the summer. Instead we will go with a projected slide
  • July 9 – Bridges Out of Poverty service
  • July 16 – Karen Low preaching
  • July 23 – Kerry Stover preaching
  • July 30 – Pride Sunday – Kerry Stover preaching – Worship on the lawn.

Other Business:

  • There was considerable discussion about Dec. 24, as we have the potential for 3 services. We discussed whether to eliminate the 11 AM service; eliminated the Family Service; or go with all three services. No consensus was reached.