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By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. The current chair is George Jolink, the chair elect is Steve Elson, and the secretary is Kathareine Wonfor. Council membership also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to the Regional Council, the Director of Music, the Coorinator of Youth and Young Families, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, and the Church Adminstrator (ex officio). Council has a permanent ad Hoc Committee, which acts as an oversight body for expenditures from the Jean Brown Fund. Current membership of that ad hoc group includes Katie Glaves, Merran Neville, David Manness, Ian Wright, Christina Lindsay, and Jane Dockrill. The Planning Committee also currently functions as an ad hoc Committee to Council.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




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Note that C & M no longer functions as a committee but rather is a serice provided to other Committees by the Church Council

March 2019

March 2019

The Faith Development Committee, under the interim chairpersonship of Katie Glaves, continues to explore ways in which we might work between generations (children/youth and adult) and across constituencies (congregational and community needs).

            Current initiatives include:

  1. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper—a joint project of the Men’s Brown Bag Lunch Group and Faith Development—attended by about 100 persons on March 5th.

  2. Lenten Worship—with a focus both on internal reflection and presentations by community agencies.

  3. Cognitive and Reflective Exercises—formal Sunday and Thursday Bible Studies and Wednesday afternoon meditation practices.

  4. Shared Worship Experiences—Good Friday at Metropolitan United

  5. Kee-Mo-Kee Family and Congregational Weekend—including invitations to youth from other congregations

  6. Confirmation class:

This year’s bumper crop of confirmands is as follows:
Confirmand                                        Sponsor
Sarah Richardson                             Linda Kennedy
Andrew Richardson                         David McKane
Abbie Cull                                          Chris Silcox
Harrison Silcox                                  Jim Silcox
Alexis                                                   Susan McKane
Derik Koustrup                                  Allyson Watson
Erik Moeller                                       Jane Dockrill
Shaw Atherton                                  Chris Wood

March 2019

March 2019

March 2019

The White Squirrel Golf Tournament kick-off will be April 28 with a pizza lunch.
We are asking members of the congregation to contribute Silent Auction and Live Auction items.
The Sponsorship for the Syrian Refugee couple is in progress.  Barbara Dalrymple has signed the agreement with the other sponsors.
Linda Badke is appealing for a co-chair for Grow-a-Row.

March 2019

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MaRCH 2019

March 2019 Facilities Report
·         Proudfoot Hall: Ground water leaking through north east floor/foundation onto floor March 9 and 15. A few litres each time. Thawing and rain likely the cause. Will monitor.
·         Proudfoot Hall Kitchen: Contacted WH Smith Construction and Ashworth Drainage to quote repairs to resolve foundation leaks behind the north west sinks. Rick Ashworth recommended waiting till dry weather to water test foundation to locate exact problem area and reduce the expense of repairs. Must consider labyrinth installation also.
·         HCD repair a zone steam valve that controls heat to the nursery and 2nd floor offices. The valve controller and valve stem packings were replaced. The valve stem is still scored and will be replaced after the heating season.
·         Atrium Entrance Door: Chubb Security received a door open alarm February 20 and dispatched Progarde Security to investigate. The door was found ajar and the door locking mechanism was later repaired.
·         Chapel: 2 complaints of cool temperatures were received during events. The heating portion of the air handling unit for the Chapel has not been functional for over 6 years. This is before my time so I do not have an explanation as to why. Mostly the Chapel temperatures are comfortable without this option. Extreme cold temperatures (-18) require additional heat. HCD has quoted to supply and install a modulating steam valve and discharge air controller: $2,800.00 + HST to make this heating functional again.
·         Meals on Wheels: Gen-Car completed the necessary ceiling hole repairs in the front office due previous plumbing issues. A vent was part of the installation to allow warm air to rise in the enclosed water supply area and prevent freezing. A wireless Honeywell low temperature and water leak detector was also installed through the upper office access door for additional protection. (A second Honeywell device was installed at the Sanctuary balcony organ to monitor high and low temperature throughout the year.)
·         Proudfoot Hall Kitchen: Gen-Car completed the necessary wall and drop ceiling repairs due to the cupboard removal to accommodate the new fridgerator. A shelf was installed to replace the cupboards.
·         Proudfoot Hall Kitchen: An oven control switch (right oven) failed on the Garland range. Hendrix service replaced the switch and tested all range functions.
·         West Narthex Exterior Light: Sunrise Stained Glass repaired the light fixture and replaced the missing glass. London Electric will be contacted to re-install the fixture.
·         Fireside Classroom A: Meetings with Meals on Wheels were held to identify electrical requirements and appliance installation. 2 commercial microwaves, 3 refrigerators, 1 Freezer and possibly 1 window air conditioner will be installed. London Electric is quoting the electrical installation for by MOW. Gen-Car is quoting a basement window installation for FSA. Deacon Flooring is quoting carpet replacement with vinyl for FSA.


Tim Miedema

March 2019

The Board met on March 14, 2019. It was both a regular Trustee meeting, in addition to being an Orientation meeting for the 2 new Co-Chairs, Doug Jones and Bill Peel, and for the 3 new Trustees, Bob Kennedy, Al Salmoni and Jane Hill.  We were pleased to also have Steve Elson, Chair-Elect of Council, in attendance. The United Church of Canada’s Handbook for Trustees was distributed to all Trustees with specific sections described by Michelle Down. Here are the highlights of the meeting reported by the 4 Trustee Committees:

  •  Long Term Giving Committee – John Eberhard
  • With the assistance of David McKane, and with the addition to some long-time members of the church and under John Eberhard’s leadership, this committee will be re-vitalizing the Proudfoot Legacy Program. Emphasis will be on discussing effective estate planning and end of life giving with members of the congregation. 
  •  Investment Committee – David Manness  
  • At February 28, 2019, the Proudfoot Legacy Unrestricted Trust Fund was $449,993, with the Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Trust Fund set at $2,500,000. This is over $160,000 higher than at the end of December 2018 because of the strength of the Canadian and U.S. markets.
  • 2019 ytd portfolio performance is 4.9%, with Canadian and US markets ytd returns of  11.7% and 11.0% respectively. This is a significant recovery from the negative returns of 2018.
  • 10-year performance return for the portfolio to December 31, 2018 was 4.3 %.  (10 year return to February 28, 2019 is 4.9%)
  • Trustees approved the $3,000 one-year cost of renting the GivePoint terminal for the one-year trial period.


  • Insurance Committee Committee – Catherine Charlton, for Bill Peel
  • Insurance Policy is renewed annually in June of each year, with valuable assistance from Heather Vouvalidis.
  • The new Eco-Meditation Garden with possible access to the church’s premises, and the  size of the Gift Card inventory need to be reviewed with the insurer for coverage.


  • Memorials Committee – John Eberhard, for June McKay
    • Legacy Sunday is May 5, 2019 and will celebrate the placement of a leaf on the Proudfoot Atrium Tree in memory of Bob Slater. Plans are also to dedicate the bench donated by Trustees in Bob’s memory on this same day.


The Investment Policy and the Legacy Gift Policy (includes the Proudfoot Legacy Tree Policy) are now posted and available to all on the FSA website. Work is underway to have password access for Trustees to a section that will contain confidential information, such as a membership list with contact information, for Trustees. Jim Silcox is making these arrangements.

With the Camp Kee-Mo-Kee service scheduled for June 9, 2019, the plan is to present the first of 3 annual cheques from FSA of $25,000, as pledged to their Camp Kee-Mo-Kee ReVitalize Campaign.

march 2019


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