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By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. The current chair is George Jolink, the chair elect is Steve Elson, and the secretary is Katherine Wonfor. Council membership also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to the Regional Council, the Director of Music, the Coorinator of Youth and Young Families, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, and the Church Adminstrator (ex officio). Council has an ad hoc committee, which acts as an oversight body for expenditures from the Jean Brown Fund. Current membership of that ad hoc group includes Katie Glaves, Merran Neville, David Manness, Ian Wright, Christina Lindsay, Kerry Hill and Jane Dockrill. The Planning Committee also currently functions as an ad hoc committee to Council.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
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Note that C & M no longer functions as a committee but rather is a service provided to other Committees by the Church Council

May 2019

May 2019

The Faith Development Committee, under the interim chairpersonship of Katie Glaves, continues to explore ways in which we might work between generations (children/youth and adult) and across constituencies (congregational and community needs).

We pondered the role of the Spirit in our midst to calm our busyness and worry.

The June meeting will be committed to a review of how we might ensure that all constituencies have a voice both at the table and in the day to day work of FSA.

            Spring/Summer initiatives include:

  1. Kee-Mo-Kee Family and Congregational Weekend—including invitations to youth from other congregations
  2. Jane Glaves speaking on her work in Malawi—May 19th
  3. UCW Service—May 26th
  4. Special Summer Services including Blessing of the Animals, Pride Picnic/Parade; guest speakers, Diaconal student—Barb McGill and Rev. Tom Hiscock as well as a presentation from L’Arche.
  5. Confirmation class: is building in its intergenerational energy. The curriculum will be reviewed to take into account those for whom this is the first point of entry to Christianity.
  6. Continued work to be mindful of time constraints while bringing freshness to Sunday services.


May 2019



May 2019

May 2019


May 2019


May 2019


May 2019

The Board met on April 9 and May 7, 2019. These were both regular Trustee meeting, in addition to Orientation meetings for the  new Co-Chairs, Doug Jones and Bill Peel, and for the 3 new Trustees, Bob Kennedy, Al Salmoni and Jane Hill.  Two upcoming concerns have been addressed: the Memorial Sunday on May 5th and the implications for FSA’s sponsorship of the Syrian family which could have implications for the Insurance policy. The following are some of the items from each of the Board’s committees.

  •  Long Term Giving Committee – John Eberhard
  • Over the next several months, this committee will be developing the next stages for the Legacy program. 


  1. Investment Committee – David Manness        
  • We are developing the strategy to handle the commitments for the Eco-Meditaion Garden for $12,450 the July 3rd quarter allocation to the operations of FSA for $25,000 and the Camp Kee-Mo-Kee first of 3 annual installments of $25,000 for their revitalization during the service at the Camp on June 9th.
  • 2019 ytd portfolio performance is 8.8%. This is a significant recovery from the negative returns of 2018. The 10-year return to April 30, 2019 is 4.8%)
  1. Insurance Committee Committee – Bill Peel
  • Insurance Policy is renewed annually in June of each year, with valuable assistance from Heather Vouvalidis.
  • The new Eco-Meditation Garden with possible access to the church’s premises, and the size of the Gift Card inventory need to be reviewed with the insurer for coverage.
  • The meeting with our insurance provided suggested that there was no additional coverage needed for the sponsorship of the Syrian family.


  1. Memorials Committee – June McKay
    • Legacy Sunday was May 5, 2019 which was attended by 7 family and close friends of the Slaters who helped celebrate the placement of a leaf on the Proudfoot Atrium Tree in memory of Bob Slater. We also dedicate the bench donated by the individual Trustee members in Bob’s memory the same day. The cement pad has been poured but the chair has not yet been placed although it along with its plaque have been received.

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for the morning of May 30, 2019.


May 2019


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