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Report to Council

MARCH 2017

1) The date for the Camp Kee-Mo-Kee weekend has been reserved.  June 2-4, 2017.  Mark your calendars now!  We will be having a potluck lunch and will be asking committees to help with food.

2) The Brown bag lunch group is providing the Mining the Mystery part 2. The first 2 sessions have gone very well.  The next date is March 26th which will be proceeded by a spaghetti dinner.  We need a few volunteers for this dinner.  The proceeds will go towards Camp Kee-Mo-Kee Heritage Week.

3) The Pancake Supper was February 28th.  BBL and CD are hosted this event, thank you for attending and helping!

4) Church school will be focusing on the Lord is my Shepherd and the Widow’s Offering until Easter.

5) The summer camp at FSA will be July 10-14, 2017.

6) CD has decided to provide some sort of children’s programming on April 23 at FSA and not go to Metropolitan.

7) The children’s musical and confirmation will be April 30.

8)  The children’s choirs will be singing April 9th.

9) Big Circle Breakfast will be April 9th, we need volunteers as we are short staffed for this event.

9) The Lenten series project has begun.  We are working with MOE and Worship to provide a congregation wide project.  The outreach project is to support Camp-Kee-Mo Kee and the Heritage Week which is the first week of camp this summer.  Worship is tying the Sunday morning service in with a focus on the 7 sacred teachings.  We appreciate all the help people have provided and hope the project is being well received.

10) We will be hosting a series titled “Recomposing a Life” beginning at the end of April and running 8 weeks.  This program will be led by Sheila McGregor and Barb McGill.  It will be open to all churches. The program is for people born 1946-1966.  The cost of the program is $65

11) We are working with the 185th committee to support programs this year.

12) It has been discussed at our CD meeting the cost of colored bulletins and we are concerned as we have made a significant contribution to help with the deficit that colored bulletins are not a necessity and perhaps we should be eliminating them for the time being.

Report to Council
MARCH 2017

VPP Cabaret:
Ticket sales to date have been slow; however a more aggressive campaign to promote the event is underway.    
Facebook, web , and e-blast will be stepped up with a pPoster campaign through the senior choir, public libraries, as well encourage members to place in and around their communities. The committee feels this is a fundraiser for FSA, and is counting on all committees of council to step up and sell tickets. London Free Press reader to reader, Got to go), CBC, and Rogers will or have been contacted. Information has been sent to other free sites

Electronic Sign
The committee thanks the committees of council who have made donations to date, and we look forward to hearing from others on this request. With the fundraising moving along we are in the process of securing the final quotes from the vendor, and will present to the trustees before they break for the summer. The goal is to have the sign in place either late 3rd quarter or early 4th of 2017.

At the request of finance the committee reviewed the 2017 budget, and with the increases forecasted for 2017 felt there were not any savings or reductions to be had at this time.


Even with the increase of the print run for 2017 we are finding it a challenge to keep copies on the stands. We would encourage those who are able to do so access the online version.

Nancy Quinn on behalf of the UCW presented the concert “Remember, a Sentimental Journey" to be held on May 6, 2017
The committee will develop posters and an ad campaign for the UCW to roll out later in the month.


Please see attached the following drafts of signage as requested from the February meeting:
good neighbor 1.jpg
good neighbor 2.jpg

good neigbor 3.jpg

Estimates are as follows:
All signs are 24” X 18” high
Double sided screen printed on 4mm coroplast
Sign prices (up to and including the quantities)
30 @ $27.00 ea
50 @ $22.50 ea
100 @ $18.50 ea
Step stakes are an additional $2.50 ea


The committee is noticing a rather large number of events taking place, several of which are planned for or added to dates where other events are running. We are wondering if we are expecting too much from our faithful supporters, or even taking away from some events as there are too many planned.

report to council

MARCH 2017

No Report Received

Report to Council
MARCH 2017

  • Roll Clerk- separate report submitted
  • Pastoral Care-The committee recommends that the Pastoral Care and Visitation Ministry position is essential to the nurturing and support of this congregation and be retained in its present form.
  • Coffee/Conversation- Deanne Pederson and Heather Locking Cusolito continue to recruit volunteers for this weekly time of fellowship
  • Thanks to everyone who has agreed to help.
    The committee has decided to support the new lawn sign cost by transferring any voluntary donations to the project-every loonie and toonie helps
  • Lunch Bunch-met last week with 27 enjoying a lovely Irish meal prepared by Joyce Payne and Rev Michelle and entertainment with David McKane, Bob Peel and Barbara Cunningham. Thanks to each of them for the music and song.

Report to Council
mARCH 2017

Our annual fundraising golf tournament will be held on June 10.  In addition to 9 and 18 hole golf, there will be a nature walk, roast beef dinner and silent auction.  The kick-off for this event will be a lunch following the May 7 worship service.
Linda Badke is retiring from the ELUCO board after many years of conscientious service.  She will advertise for a replacement. The ELUCO AGM will be held on April 5 at Gethsemane Gardens, 1461 Huron St. at 7 pm.  All those interested are invited to attend.
The annual Soup and Sandwich fundraiser for St. Paul’s Daily Bread will be held at the London Club on May 15.  Jean Knowles will have tickets for sale.  Tickets are $75 with a $50 tax receipt provided.
The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (Grow-A-Row) annual fundraiser starts its campaign on April 2 and ends with a corn roast  on Sunday, September 10  following  the service.
Sundae Sunday will be held at the potluck lunch following the June 4 worship service at Camp Kee Mo Kee.  MOE members will serve the ice-cream; a donation basket will be available.

Report to Council

MARCH 2017

Friends of Music Fund

The Music Committee is in the process of creating “Terms of Reference” for the Friends of Music Fund (FoM).  The fund enables musical outreach in the London area through the generous donations of “Friends of Music”.  Donors need to know how their contributions are being used.  When completed, the history of the Friends of Music Fund and Terms of Reference can be made available on the FSA web site.

The annual campaign for contributions to FoM was advertised in the Lent/Easter Tidings which came out on March 5, 2017.

It was agreed by the committee that a $500 donation could be made to support the new electronic sign.  Committee members appreciate that this sign will be used regularly to advertise concerts in the concert series supported by FoM and therefore, a suitable use of the fund.  The committee is interested to know what the ongoing costs of the sign will be and how funds will be raised to cover them.

Concerts held this year so far and supported by FoM include “Winter Interlude” and “Shakespeare Sings”.  The Friday Lenten noon recitals and lunches are March 3, 10 and 24.  The final concert of the year will be held on April 29 at 7:30pm, “From Sea to Sea to Sea” and is a celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

Lenten Recitals with Lunch plus a recognition

Lunches continue to be supplied by B. Davison S.S.  At the March 24 concert, Roberta and Paul Wenn will be recognized for their many years of service to both the Advent and Lenten concerts.

Review of Advertising with C&M

Following the April 29 concert, the Director of Music and the chair will meet with members of C&M to review the methods of advertising used this year (2016-2017 season); what was successful and other advertising options, e.g. how to advertise in other churches.  

New Brochures

Anne Cummings reported that the new brochures for the Laudamus Bells are ready to print (and have been printed and made available around the church).  A new photo of the Senior Choir was taken on Sunday, March 19 and will be included in the new Senior Choir brochure which is now ready for printing. 


Council Business

The chair shared news from Council including 185th Anniversary, voting on remits coming up, the Ad hoc Planning Committee scenarios regarding the future of FSA; Service dates at Metropolitan United Church – Good Friday and April 23; April 1 Cabaret (Victoria Playhouse Petrolia) “Then Sings My Soul”.

Worship Committee Request

The Worship Committee request to pay for an organist at the New Year’s Eve Service (2017) was approved.  This will give Terry the Sunday off, which Michelle received this past New Year’s Eve.

Music Director’s Report

Terry reported that the “Terms of Reference” for the Eberhard Vocal Scholar scholarship are being updated.  The hope is to begin advertising this scholarship on posters in the Western Univ. Faculty of Music in April.

Anticipated costs of the April 29th concert were approved by the committee.

A quote has been received for moving the Chapel organ into the Sanctuary.  A quote to seat the organ on a platform with wheels is awaited.

The Fall Hymn Festival, with a focus on Canadian hymn writers, will celebrate both the 150th Anniversary and the 185th FSA Anniversary.  Other groups will be invited to join in this FoM event, which will be held in October.

Report to Council

MARCH 2017


See proposed nominations for Council Committees for coming year.

Report to Council
MARCH 2017

Facilities Report – Tim provided a detailed report of all maintenance repairs for the last month. 

Insurance Recommendations - Adjust balcony Railing to code.  Cost: $3000
- Sewage Backflow installation  Cost:  $1100

Building Inventory –located the inventory that was done several years ago Will be updated including a pictorial record of building and contents. 

Projects to be undertaken in 2017 (postponed from 2016 due to lack of funds)
Bathroom fan for Sunroom bathroom
Repairs to Chapel Doors almost complete
Humidifiers for Farquhar House - completed
Project Priorities for 2017:
Repair to east parking lot entrance
Admin Office relocation - completed
Exterior Work at Farquhar House – painting and Roofing quotes received, CRF to be approved
Exterior Sign Upgrade – fundraising underway – to date about $3500 raised, goal is $20 000
Front Entrance Upgrade – possible 185 project.
Interior repairs to Narthex Entrances
Future Projects:
Fireside Room renovation, Partial HVAC Conversion – investigation underway

Report to Council
MARCH 2017

No report received

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

MARCH 2017


No Report Received

Report to Council

MARCH 2017

No Report Received

Report to Council

MARCH 2017

Anniversary 2017
- Rev. Gary Paterson, former moderator; will be our primary Anniversary Speaker. To save travel costs, we will piggyback the date onto the Meeting of the General Council Executive in November. Therefore we may have to be flexible re: the Anniversary date.
- David McKane is in the process of arranging a secondary speaker.
- The Bridges Out of Poverty group will be the guest preacher on July 9. David Pederson, Jo Ann Silcox and Jane Westmorland will work together to plan the rest of the service.
Worship Committee Feedback:
-We received 85 responses. The data was being analyzed and collated and will be available for discussion at the April Meeting.
2017 Christmas Services:
As Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, we may want to change the format of the services. Jane will discuss this with the CD Committee.
Low Sunday (Jan. 31), both Michelle and Terry will be away. David McKane will take the service and Paul Merritt will be invited to be organist.
Worship Committee’s project for the sign:
We are looking into finding a source for pewter Christmas ornaments with the church’s picture on it for our project to raise money for the sign.
Review of Worship Services:
- There was positive Feedback re: the Black History Service and the Service at Met.
- The Communion Service was longer than ideal, so we determined that on Communion Sundays we would eliminate the Prayers of the People.
Upcoming Worship Services:
-There will be a Maundy Thursday Service at FSA on Thursday, April 13.
- Good Friday Service will be at Metropolitan. Eight members of FSA will read scripture that morning.
- April 23, we will join Metropolitan for Worship as they have a guest speaker from their symposium. There was considerable discussion about doing this as it impacts the Sunday School; committee sales for gift cards, concerts etc. at Coffee and Conversation; and communication of church events. It was decided, in conjunction with the CD Committee, that the Sunday School would meet at First-St. Andrew’s and adults would go to Metropolitan. We talked about possibly handing out our bulletin insert to FSA members.
Budget Review:
We have cut $1 000 out of our budget.
Welcoming Greeters:
As many people have begun to enter through the Atrium, there was a question about whether the welcoming-greeters were utilized well. It was decided that welcoming greeters were of paramount importance and we would stay the course.