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Council is composed of the chairs of the churches administrative committees by constitution. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminsitrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

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  4. Roll Clerk Report-Sept 2017
  5. Draft minutes of the 2017 Annual Congregational meeting
  6. Draft minutes of the Oct. 2017 Congregational meeting
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Report to Council


The Christian Development Committee is responsible for the care and feeding of the development of Christianity for three demographics within FSA: Children, Youth and Adults.

1) Camp Kee-Mo-Kee was a success thanks to all of the contributions of council..

2) We are in desperate need of teachers for the Grade 5-8 group.

3) We are looking at running a Crossan series in the spring, with an encouragement to attend Wesley Knox’s event with John Crossan speaking.

4) Church school will be focusing on Noah’s Ark as their first story this year..

5) The Pedersons will be running a 3 part series on Wednesday afternoons in January.

6) Turkey Pot Pies are being made the week of September 25th

7) The Christamas Pageant will be December 17th

8)  CD recommended to worship that all 3 services be kept on Christmas Eve.

9) Sing For Your Supper begins September 20.

10) We are looking to start a junior youth group for the grades 5-8.  We are looking for leadership for this program.

11) The Vacation Bible Camp was a huge success with 41 campers.  We are exploring running the camp for an additional week next summer.

12) Mason will be promoting the library and highlighting books in the bulletin.

13) We are exploring being involved in Project GO, more to follow.

We have run out of space so you will have to wait until next month for more new CD news

Report to Council


report to council


Finance Committee met on Friday Sept. 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

1. Statement of Revenues and Expenses as of August 31, 2017                                

See attached statements - as presented, the deficit (loss) for August is ($2742) vs a budgeted surplus (profit) of $844.   The year-to-date deficit (loss) is ($7518).

The finance committee is encouraged to see that the committees are keeping within their respective budgets for expenses.  The Finance committee remains optimistic coming out of the summer months that the deficit will be reduced in the upcoming months (however we have no data to support our optimism).  The committee prayed for the well being of the faith community and for positive results to our bottom line as we move forward.

2. Finance Committee Membership.

The committee is pleased to welcome Ivana Klouda and Kerry Hill to the committee.  Both were in attendance for the Finance Committee meeting on September 8th. The finance committee moved and seconded Kerry Stover as Chair of the Finance Committee until a permanent chair be found either within the committee members or at the next ACM.  The committee thanked Dale Pettit and Mike Bancroft for their work on the committee and wished them God speed with their new endeavours.

3. To continue or not to continue with DonorPerfect?  (That is the question) 

After a lengthy discussion regarding DonorPerfect, the finance committee is recommending that DonorPerfect be used for the remainder of this fiscal calendar year.  Through information that Michelle received earlier this summer there are UC’s in London that are utilizing other donor/receipting software programs. Currently DonorPerfect is utilized to record all pledges and donations/financial gifts to FSA and to provide tax receipts for the same. Occasionally demographic data is viewed for address or status changes of the FSA members.  It is unknown whether all active or non-active members and adherents of FSA are in the DonorPerfect system; however if they have made a donation to FSA their data is in our DP system.  Starting in November, the committee would like to search for a suitable replacement for DonorPerfect.  A list of requirements would need to be compiled before the search for  new software.  Too many times companies/organizations choose a software before they know their requirements and then experience what we are currently experiencing with DonorPerfect – we don’t know the power of the system and there are no standard reporting tools.  We would need to understand the requirements that the ministers and committee chairs have for demographic data or other financial data while the system maintains the privacy and confidentiality of the FSA members to the latest privacy legislation.   The committee would take on this task as part of the committee’s duties and have a recommendation to council at the meeting following the ACM in 2018. 

4. Stewardship campaign

The Finance committee agreed that there is not enough time to construct and then launch a full Stewardship (financial on why we give) campaign this fall.  It was agreed that if the Chair of Council would like to come up with Stewardship (Financial) message the Finance committee would fully support that statement.  The Church administrator will work with that message in the yearly pledge forms that should be ready for distribution by the end of October, unless council decides on another date for distribution of the Stewardship message and pledge letter.

5. Capital Request Forms

The committee reviewed the CRF for the Sound Amplifier replacement for $3,581 and approved this request.  This will be funded from the Capital Reserve Fund.

The committee reviewed the CRF for the work of re-plastering and painting the entrances to the Narthex for the estimated $13,500 and approved that request.
This will be paid for after the work is completed by funds for Capital improvements from the Trustees.   

Report to Council

1) Coffee and Conversation:

Difficulty continues in getting members to assume responsibility for preparing and serving.
The issues of cleanup seem to be an area of concern and the convenor has requested approval to serve with paper cups and plates. To continue this time of fellowship following the Sunday service, a proposal has been made that each Council committee be responsible for one month to assemble a team. Use of paper vs china would be at the discretion of the team.

2) Photo directory:
Discussion to look at options available and proceed with planning for 2018.
Collaboration with Marketing and Communication is essential.Pastoral Care -

3) As requested by David McKane, Visiting Minister, a form has been drafted to have information on file identifying next of kin of kin when necessary for Pastoral emergencies. Privacy guidelines will be applied for the collection and distribution of information collected.

Report to Council

The annual White Squirrel Golf Tournament raised approximately $11,500 for Outreach and M & S Projects and the UCC Extreme Hunger Appeal.  It will be disbursed as follows:
70% will be divided between ELUCO and St. Paul’s Daily Bread, 30% will be divided among Los Quinchos School for Street Vendors, Managua, Nicaragua, the Joanne McWilliams Scholarship fund in Managua, and the UCC Emergency Hunger Appeal.  The money for the latter was sent in June to meet a Federal Government’s  matching plan deadline.

We had a successful luncheon prepared and served by our members on September 10 to promote our Grow-A-Row project with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  The speaker was most informative.  $440 from the luncheon will be added to our donations thus far.  This event is one of great fellowship.  We will be looking for help from those outside our committee next year.  Burnout has started to take its toll!

The United Church of Canada has responded to  those countries affected by Hurricane Irma in which we have partners “on the ground” including  Action by Churches Together (ACT)…..Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  FSA members are encouraged to donate.

  • Upcoming Dates;
    ELUCO WALKATHON, September 24…….see Linda Badke
    Middlesex Presbytery Division of Mission & Outreach Fall Connections Workshop at Chippewa of the Thames, Saturday October 28…….see Linda Badke or Barb Dalrymple for information
    Mission Services London Annual Dinner. Thursday, November 16 at the Convention Centre with speaker Elizabeth Manley…see David Knoppert
    The Mission & Service Congregational Giving Report to the end of August has been received.
    The three congregations giving the most to M&S were:
    Colborne St. $17,638
    First St. Andrew’s $17 052 PLUS $7500 from the UCW
    Calvary $17,02

Report to Council



At the first meeting of the year, held on Tuesday, September 12, the Music Committee recognized Terry’s one year anniversary since becoming Director of Music at First-St. Andrew’s and congratulated him on a very successful first year. The committee also welcomed two new members – Ardath Finnbogason-Hill and Margaret Wardlaw.

Communications & Marketing – Advertising Music events

Members of C&M and the Music Committee met in August to review the success of advertising music events through Facebook. Senior choir members who use Facebook will be encouraged to promote concerts using Facebook. Jim Silcox has set up Eventbrite, which is an online ticket purchasing site.  Ticket sales by credit card will be possible from now on via Eventbrite.

Leaders for Friday Advent Noon Lunches

A set of guidelines has been written so that the leadership of the Advent/Lenten lunches can be shared. For Advent 2017, the leads will be Dec 1 – Anne Cummings, Dec 8 – Merran Neville, Dec 15 – Ardath Finnbogason-Hill. We hope to solicit more volunteers to assist with lunches. Lunches will continue to be provided by B. Davison S. S.

Access Database for Choral Library

The build of an Access database for the Senior Choir anthems has now been completed by Merran. Terry has begun to use it and the choir librarians, Helen and Bill Guthrie and Ruth Adams will also use it.

Fall Concerts

The first concert is the Fall Hymn Festival on October 21 at 7:30pm celebrating the 185th Anniversary of First-St. Andrew’s. This is a combined choirs concert bringing together 60+ singers from other choirs with the senior choir. The combined choirs will rehearse on the morning of Oct 21. There will be a reception following the concert. There is a free will offering for this concert and it was agreed that the balance of the offering (after expenses) would be donated to El Sistema. This program provides music lessons and lunches for children who may not be able to have music lessons due to the cost.
Canadian Brass Concert: Nov 15 at 8:00pm Beer and wine will be served during the intermission. Volunteers serving alcohol need to have completed the online Smart Serve training.


Moving Chapel Organ to the Sanctuary

Talks are ongoing with the Trustees about moving the chapel organ into the sanctuary.


Music Events for 2017-2018

The brochure for the 2017-2018 Music at First-St. Andrew’s is now out. Our thanks to Jim Silcox for designing this brochure for us. Terry is sending thank you letters with the brochure enclosed to Friends of Music donors.

Terry will be advertising at Western’s DW Faculty of Music for a student(s) to receive the Eberhard Music Scholarship for the next year.



Terry reported that training will be given for a new part of the sound system that has been updated.  The Christmas Eve Service may start at 9:30pm instead of 10:00pm


Senior Choir

Alastair Smyth is the choir’s new bass soloist. Alastair completed his Master’s degree in Performance at Western and has recently moved to London from Toronto. We are delighted to have him join the choir


Laudamus Bells

The Laudamus Bells will be hosting a workshop at FSA on Saturday, Nov 4 9:00am-4:00pm for handbell ringers who are members of OGEHR. Approximately 50-60 ringers are expected to attend.  The Laudamus Bells will also be performing in the Fall Hymn Festival and other services this fall.


Junior Choirs

Terry reported that the Junior Joyfuls have a new music director, Jocelyn Hoevenaars, who is a 4th year music student at Western. The Junior Joyfuls will be performing for Thanksgiving Sunday, Oct 8, Nov 12 and Dec 17.


FSA Strings

Terry reported that the FSA strings will perform Oct 1, Oct 29 (Music Awareness Sunday) and Christmas Eve.

Report to Council

·         A Stihl FS 85 R grass trimmer was stolen from FSA grounds while David Beech was doing lawn maintenance. A new Stihl FS 90 R grass trimmer was purchased from Kensal Rental for $395 plus tax. The grass trimmer will now be locked in the shed or locked to the trailer with a chain when not in use.
·         An iPad was purchased to control the new sound system hardware. The 1 year old laptop it replaced will be used to replace an older laptop.
·         Progarde security was notified to close any windows left open on their routine inspections during the summer months.
·         On Sunday, June 27 during service two cars in the east back parking lot had windows smashed and items stolen. A reminder to not leave valuables in cars was posted in the next bulletin.
·         The annual fire alarm inspection was completed without deficiencies.
·         Net Check replaced the data cable from the server to the minister's office. There was connectivity issues. A previous repair was attempted but not successful.
·         Parlour carpets were cleaned by Roto-Static.
·         Brass memorial name plates were purchased and installed on the 2 exterior metal benches.
·         Ron Bradley was issued a Chubb ID in case there were any future security issues while working at FSA. Also an exterior door key was issued.
·         Meals and Wheels is applying for grants to upgrade the fire protection system. Due to the occupancy of the building, we are not required by law to provide additional protection but may consider a minimal investment to cover outstanding costs after grant money. A site inspection was completed by Chubb, MOW Finance Manager and myself.
·         We are still experiencing flat roof leaks above the Deb Carter rental rooms. Courtney Roofing completed a flood test on that area but no leaks were identified. They recommend contacting them during a leak if possible.
·         The Atrium door control failed. Chubb replaced a faulty power supply covered under the service contract.
·         Ron Bradley painting projects completed: Sunroom walls and ceiling, Proudfoot hall column bases and Stage wall, elevator wall, east exterior exit door. George Jolink assisted in the Sunroom.
·         Horizon replaced the Sanctuary sound system console that had failed. Kerry Stover supported that installation.
·         Cell phone and keys were turned in by Tom Hiscock. They have not been reissued at this time.
·         A newer range has been donated by Linda and Gerry (last name?). It will replace the old one in the Fireside Kitchen. Installation to be scheduled.
·         Water leaks continued in Proudfoot Hall and kitchen. Window wells were identified as the problem. Gen-Car cleaned and sealed the window wells with cement additions and caulking.
·         New blinds from Blinds to Go were purchased and installed in the Sunroom.
·         Yarmouth Metals removed the balcony railing, increased the height to meet code and reinstalled.
·         Mike Westmorland repaired damage to a pew from the balcony railing removal.
·         Water was leaking from Jane Dockrill's office AC unit due to a freeze up from overworking. The temperature sensing remote was covered up preventing an accurate reading. No wall damages this time.
·         The fire extinguisher annual inspection was completed with no deficiencies.
·         The elevator annual inspection was completed with no deficiencies.
·         The Atrium sprinkler system annual inspection was completed with no deficiencies.
·         Sutton Solutions completed the annual window cleaning. The upper Atrium was not done this time.
·         Red Bird Media completed a roof and steeple inspection with a drone. Will set up a video viewing at a future property meeting.
·         A podium was damaged by the Great Big Theatre camp. It has been replaced and yet to be assembled.
·         The Proudfoot Hall projector screen fell apart and could not be repaired. A new unit is scheduled to be installed in October.
·         We experienced flooding in the parking lot after heavy rains. Mervin Jones Vacuum Pumping cleaned parking lot and drive way catch basins as well as the dry well. AS much as 5" of dirt and sand were removed from the bases preventing water drainage.
·         Tom Hiscock refinished Library table tops.
·         Siroski Doors replaced the east exterior exit door and repaired the cement work beneath.
·         Hazen Restoration has again reviewed the wall repairs in the Narthex, Proudfoot Hall and Fireside Room. An updated quote is expected by the September Property meeting.
·         Deacon Flooring inspected the Sanctuary and Fireside carpet seams and are expected to make repairs in the near future.
·         The Green Room window that has been boarded up with plywood now has a metal grate installed to prevent break ins front the adjoining fire escape. Fabrication and installation completed by Custom Art Metal Work.
·         Proudfoot Hall floor has been refinished. Deep scrub and wax completed.
·         The Administrator Office AC unit remote control failed and a new one was purchased.
·         Heritage Painters finished outstanding painting on the Farquhar House.
·         Salmon Plumbing repaired a tank seal on a Men's toilet in the main washroom. Also the water shut off valve needed replacing. There is no main washroom water shut off valve so the entire building needed to be drained.
·         Roto-Static cleaned the Fireside carpets.
·         Most basement door locks have been replaced to accommodate a master key. Main floor and Second floor door lock to be completed.
·         Courtney Roofing replaced roof slate with shingles on the back mid section of the Farquar House. The unused chimney was taken down below roof level as well as an unused plumbing stack. Some slate repairs were made to the main roof. The shed shingles and some plywood were also replaced.
·         A reception office door key was issued to Kathryn Skelly. A Chubb ID will also be ordered.
·         Siroski Doors repaired the closing interference on the Chapel and Sanctuary entrance doors.

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL



Report to Council



Bread Not Stones form letter to the PMO

Report to Council


Anniversary Month 2017:
Nov. 5 – Remembrance Day Service
Nov. 12 – The Rev. Dr. David McKane, as a former FSA minister, will be a guest preacher. Christian Development will take care of squares or cake to celebrate at Coffee and Conversation.
Nov. 19 – The Salvation Army Band is unable to play as they will be at the Santa Claus Parade. They will join us sometime in January or February. Michelle and Terry are looking into alternative groups which would help us celebrate the contribution of Music and the Arts to our church.
Nov. 21 – Proudfoot Lecture – Gary Patterson, former Moderator of the United Church, will deliver the lecture. The topic will be announced at a later date. As we discussed in June, this is a Council night. Tickets ($10) will go on sale in late October. Coffee and cookies or squares will be served at a Meet and Greet following the lecture.
Nov. 26 – The Rev. Dr. Kate Crawford, as a former FSA minister will be a guest preacher. She will assist Michelle with Communion. We have reached out to the MOE Committee to provide treats for Coffee and Conversation.
Anniversary Fundraiser – The Christmas Ornaments are being shipped this week. We will be selling them beginning Nov. 12 at Coffee and Conversation and at the Bazaar.
Christmas Services:
After considerable discussion, it was agreed that all three services will be held on December 24 – AM service, Family Service and Candlelight Communion. The Family Service will continue to be at 6:30, and the Candlelight and Communion service will be at 9:30 rather than 10:00.
Review of Worship Services:
-Both outdoor services in the summer were a success with a number of non-FSA people attending.
-Asking the congregation to help with the stacking of the chairs after summer service worked well.
-The change in the Liturgist routine (Liturgists are doing the Call to Worship and the Opening Prayer rather than the Prayers of the People) was also judged successful.
Sound System:
Michelle has requested that a workshop on the sound system be provided for the staff so that there are more people with expertise who can troubleshoot.
There will be a Baptism on Sept. 24 along with the reception of new members.
Meeting Time:
On a trial basis, our meeting times will change to 1:00 to 2:30 PM.
Chair Replacement:
Jane W. will be stepping down as Chair of the Worship Committee. If you have suggestions for a replacement, please let Jo Ann Silcox know.