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FSA Council News

By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminstrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
December - no meeting



Electronic Sign
While the committee is pleased that the electronic sign remains high on the property committee’s list, we are concerned that a less expensive model is being investigated. It is our opinion that to do so would compromise the technology and be a step backwards with limited capabilities in the product delivered. The unit quoted some time ago is capable of text, video, and graphics. The programming is cloud based and can be set up well in advance on any web based device from anywhere in the world. This technology has the potential to be revenue generating thus reducing maintenance cost over the lifespan of the sign. Most plain text systems require line of sight and or hardwire connections to program, increasing labour cost, as well as being outdated technology.
A great deal of discussion took place when looking at the current model, and how we proceed in the future for the betterment and needs of the church. The committee agrees on principle of the current structure of council being reimaged, however we have several suggestions and ideas moving forward.
To rework council or shrink the size of council just because a lack of volunteers does not address the future needs of the congregation.
It is desirable to C & M members to cease being a full committee of Council with all of the implications that that status implies. We do want to protect our budget lines, however. How that stand will be reflected in the new model remains to be seen. Members felt strongly that the C & M committee should continue to hold a vetting role in scheduling of all FSA related events so that they do not compete with each other.
The trustees report and concerns for the future that the envelope giving’s will not satisfy the future needs of the M&P budget. FSA has a rich and talented group that raise monies for several outreach projects and all should be commended in the efforts over the years but with all or most of these funds, leaving the church causes concerns for us. A new model of splitting these funds, major fundraiser that all of council undertakes, and or a combination of both is vital to the operation and financial future of the church. If it is councils, wish to undertake a major fundraising initiative we must start now for an event in 2019 to be successful.
It is assumed that any change in our governance would result in the rewriting of the SOP and have to be voted on at a general meeting.
C&M would like the following motion brought forward:
That the planning committee review the current governance model and formulate the basis of a new governance policy that falls inline with their future vison of FSA as adopted by the current council.
We feel this is a natural fit for the Planning committee to take on this role based on the data compiled to date, the wealth of knowledge and history the committee has, and the open-minded forward thinking the committee members have shown to date.

February 2018

1) A big thank you to Deanne and David Pederson who ran a series on self compassion Jan 17, 24 and 31st from 2-4:00 pm.  They will be having some follow up sessions monthly.

2) Mining the mystery is back!  The BBL is running a 3 part series focused on dementia. February 4th, March 4th and April 8th.  The first one is available on the web if you missed it.  Mark your calendars for the March 4th and April 8th.

3) We hosted the Pancake Supper with BBL.  The profits will go to the youth mission trip.

4) Youth group is up and running for 2 Friday nights per month, the younger youth group is making cookies and selling them to support kids going to camp.  They are $10 per dozen.  Make sure you get your orders in, the cookies will be available March 18th.

5) We will be hosting Project GO this summer.  It is a week long day camp that focuses on social justice and outreach.  The leadership team from Toronto will be working with local organizations with our kids.  This will be the week of August 13, 2018.

6) Our youth had a great time in Ottawa for Worshiplude, Jane and Karol Boyd chaperoned.

7)  We will offer 2 weeks of VBS July 23 – 27 and Aug 13-17, 2018

8) Camp Kee Mo Kee weekend has been chosen and booked for June 1-3, 2018.  We will have a bus again so keep your eye out for sign up.

9) The youth will be running a Souper Sunday on February 25th.  This will be a fundraiser for their mission trip.

10) Our Lenten project this year will focus on raising awareness of poverty within the London community.  We will be highlighting and working with 6 organizations: Mission Services, St Paul’s Daily Bread, Camp Kee Mo Kee, My Sister’s Place, Merrymount, and Beth Emmanuael (Breads not Stones).  “Warming the World”

11) Big Circle Breakfast will be March 25th. 

February 2018

1.            Statement of Revenues and Expenses as of December 31, 2017
Note:  Due to a number of vendor’s invoices that we received at the beginning of February, for work that was done in the fall of 2017, the church administrator had to enter those expenses for December 2017, causing delays in completing the financial statements for December and subsequently January 2018.
From the income statement data, the committee is pleased that our surplus for 2017 is$6441. A remarkable turn around from the projected deficit of -$6483.  The result is a surplus of $12,923 to begin 2018.  This will be confirmed with our accountant as he reviews our general ledger for 2017.
Well done to the committees for being conservative with your budgets.
Many thanks to the members of this congregation that give generously to support the work of this congregation and the support that we give to the greater community.
2.            Financial Statements for the ACM
Dale Pettit, former Treasurer, was asked to review the general ledger in preparation for sending it to our accountant/auditor. Dale made a few recommendations to repost balance sheet and income statement accounts.  That work has been done and the general ledger went to the accountant on Feb. 16th.   Thanks to Dale for his help in this area.  We are expecting, through discussion with the accountant, to have the ‘unaudited’ statements sent to us early the week of March 5th.
3.            Stewardship campaign
347 pledge letters sent and 124 received.   Pledges increased givings by 1.4% over 2017.  The committee has used the pledge information for the draft budget ‘givings’ for 2018.
4.            The Finance Committee will meet with the UCW executive to discuss the collaboration needed for reporting to CRA.
5.            Is there a need for a Fund Raising sub-committee?
The topic was discussed at our monthly meeting and we will bring forth a developed idea to a future council meeting.

February 2018

M&N met on 7 February, 2018.  We are currently in a transitional phase as Audrey Coulthard has resigned and Heather Locking-Cusolito is assuming chairmanship of the committee.

  • During our last meeting members were asked to review terms of reference for the committee.  These terms of reference are in need of a revision which we will undertake this Spring.
  • Since we have had three resignations from the committee we are recruiting new members. A call for new members has gone out through the eblast.
  • During our next meeting we will generate a list of tasks for the rest of the year and establish a priority listing.
  • Our meeting closed with a celebration in the Parlour to thank Audrey for all her hard work as committee chair.

February 2018

  • We will put forth a recommendation at the Annual Meeting that our committee’s name be changed from Mission, Outreach and Environment to Mission & Outreach.
  • Nancy Howard was an excellent preacher at our Mission Sunday on February 4 and her message was well received by congregation.
  • The White Squirrel Golf Tournament is June 9.  The next meeting of the committee is Thursday February 22nd and anyone on Council is welcome to attend.  Please encourage golfers to register beginning April 15 when we will have a pizza lunch. 
  • We will include Camp Kee-Mo-Kee as one of our Golf Tournament proceeds’ recipients this year.
  • Amnesty Write for the Rights is scheduled for March 18 and will include a chili lunch.
  • We are co-sponsoring the Next movie night with the CD committee

February 2018

2. Subcommittee for the Arts/Music
The Arts and Music subcommittee of the Ad Hoc Planning Committee will hold its first “Meet
and Greet” for “Arts After Five” on May 8 and a second meeting is scheduled for September 11.
3. Coffee & Conversation
The Music Committee is covering C&C for the month of February.
4. Tuskegee Golden Voices Choir Visit and Concert March 7
Refreshments for the choir are being prepared by Joyce Payne with volunteers from the Music
Committee assisting. Light refreshments for the choir will be provided following the afternoon
workshop and dinner for the choir following their concert in the evening. All costs will be
covered by the ticket sales.
5. Friday Lenten Noon Recitals and Lunches
These run Mar 2 – Paul Merritt (Organ/piano) and George Laidlaw (Saxophone), Mar 9 – Vocal
Duo Sonja Gustafson and Francesca Ranalli, Mar 23 – Laudamus Bells. Sincere thanks to the
team of volunteers scheduled to work at the three lunches.
6. Elijah Performance April 21 @ 7:30pm
Terry has sent letters to possible sponsors to invite their support of this performance. Thanks go
to Bob Peel who is helping to get advertising through WQLN for this major event.
7. 50th Anniversary of the FSA Casavant Organ
Terry is looking at options, with the RCCO, to bring a guest organist to be part of a celebration.
8. Eberhard Vocal Scholarship
Terry is advertising the Eberhard vocal scholarship to students in the Don Wright Faculty of
Music. A brochure about how to apply is on the FSA web site at
9. Visit by Belmont United Methodist Church Youth Choir, Nashville TN
Terry has received and accepted a request from Gail Sullivan, the director of this Youth Choir.
They will be performing at FSA on Wed. June 6. On their previous visit six years ago they sang
at Metropolitan UC. The Music Committee will coordinate an evening meal for this group
before their concert.
10. Senior Choir
The senior choir will have the opportunity to participate in workshops being given during “Music
Matters”, April 27 & 28.
11. Laudamus Bells
The Laudamus Bells is performing twice in February with the Met Jubilate Bells. Feb 11 was at
FSA and Feb 25 will be at Met. As mentioned above, the Laudamus Bells will be giving a
concert at noon on March 23.
12. Junior Choirs
The Junior Choirs will be singing in services on Mar 4, Apr 8 and May 6.
13. FSA Strings
The FSA strings will be transitioning their leadership this year. They are planning their spring
concert for May 30.
Respectfully submitted by Merran Neville

February 2018


February 2018

·        The Rev.  David McKane, in his role as Minister of Visitation, will be asked to talk with the people he visits about considering a long term gift to the Proudfoot legacy fund. 

·        The Long  Term Giving Committee will host an estate planning seminar on May 15, 2018.The seminar will focus on some suggested  topics including:

·           financial planning
·           powers of attorney
·           role of the executors and trustees
·           tax issues in planning
·           will writing
·           end of life legacy gifts
·           cemetery information and planning (Oakland [Proudfoot] Cemetery)

·        The  Investment Committee reports:
·           At December 29, 2017 the Proudfoot Legacy Unrestricted Trust Fund was $1,053,841.
·           2017 portfolio performance at December 2017 was 6.4%.
·           In cooperation with Finance, the Trustee co-chairs offered a ‘no interest’ loan of $15,000 to the church to carry the cost of the inventory of the shopping card program.  This is carried on the Trustee books as an on-demand loan, repayable on or before the wrap-up of the shopping card program. 

·        The  Insurance Committee reported during the preparation of the church inventory, two issues became apparent:

·           That FSA needs to establish a clear record of what exists by way of records pertaining to First-St. Andrew’s United Church, i.e. what they are and where they are stored.
·           The need to protect these records, i.e. make sure that they are stored in a format that will continue to be useful and not dependant on outdated equipment.


·        The  Memorials Committee  reported:

·           That a generous gift from the estate of Elmer Butt of $139,735.65 has been received. 
·           Memorials Sunday will be held on April 22, 2018 and a Proudfoot Legacy leaf will be dedicated to honour this gift.  It was recommended that the dedication of the leaf be part of the worship service and the installation of the leaf take place directly after the service in the Atrium. Members of Mr. Butt’s family will be invited to be present on April 22nd.


·        A presentation by Camp Kee-Mo-Kee Board chair Mary Ann Hodge together with Jane Dockrill, Bev Trist-Stewart provided an up-date on the history and operations of the camp and its need to up-grade some infrastructure to meet health and accessibility regulations and add new features for programming. Camp Kee-Mo-Kee is embarking on a $1.5 million fundraising campaign:
·           $750,000 for capital projects
·           $750,000 endowment fund

Fundraising efforts are starting with “near and dear” churches and the United Church of Canada before branching out to community organizations and the public.  The Campaign will have its public launch when 60% of the target is reached. As a founding church of Camp Kee-Mo-Kee, First-St. Andrew’s was asked to be a lead sponsor of the campaign and a donation of $150,000 was proposed.

The Board of Trustees discussed the proposal:

·           The Trustees expressed a preference for splitting any donation between the endowment and capital funds.
·           It is recognized that Council and congregational support would be required before making a significant gift, so a careful statement of any gifting plan will be needed.  A gift over three years would be welcomed.
·           The Trustees would consider the “ask” and a further discussion will take place at the next meeting.  It was felt that all Trustees should participate in any decision-making meeting and in the meantime, John and George will meet to discuss options and get a sense for overall acceptance and realism of a donation.  It was expressed that FSA has the capacity to be a lead donor.  Jane Dockrill expressed strong support for the ‘ask’ and advanced a thoughtful rationale as to why FSA should support this campaign.

·        The Next Meeting of the Board will be in early April 2018. Representations from other committees of Council regarding the Kee Mo Kee request would be welcomed.

February 2018

February 2018

Liturgist Training: David McKane held a successful training session. There were some Liturgists and some congregants who were interested in finding out how to pray.
Large Print Order of Service: These have been in production for a couple of weeks.
Speaker – April 29 – Anthony Bailey will preach here on April 29. He will be paid the usual honorarium, but his travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Met. as he is there for a workshop that weekend.
Anniversary Speaker – We will be extending an invitation to Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa to speak on the new configuration of the UCC.
Communion Cloth – To replace the communion cloth, Barbara Cunningham will add a lace perimeter to a linen cloth. The crocheted border will include repeating communion symbols. This is expected to be ready by Christmas.
Succession Plan – As I will be having surgery and then moving to another city, it is necessary to find a new Chair of Worship. Nothing has been determined as yet. Allyson Watson will take over as Baptism Co-ordinator, and Jim Silcox will determine a way of scheduling the Liturgists electronically.
Upcoming Services – We will be hosting the following guest preachers and organist at FSA:
Feb. 25 – Paul Merritt will play while Terry is at Met with the Laudamus Bells.
March 4 – Rev. David Jagger ( from the Stewardship Office for Hamilton and London Conference)
March 18 – the Rev. Dr. David McKane
April 15 – Joyce Payne (in her role as President of Conference)
May 27 – (London Conference weekend) – The Worship Committee will conduct the service.
Welcoming Greeters – A member has expressed concern that the greeters do not always have information about their role and about the church if approached by attendees. Discussion ensued and will be on-going.


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