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Report to Council

APRIL 2017

1) The date for the Camp Kee Mo Kee weekend has been reserved.  June 2-4, 2017.  Mark your calendars now!  We will be having a potluck lunch and will be asking committees to help with food.  There will be a bus with 16 spaces available.

2) The Brown bag lunch group is providing the Mining the Mystery part 2. The first 3 sessions have gone very well.  We raised approximately $300 from the spaghetti dinner, which will be split between BBL and CD.  The CD portion will be going towards the Heritage Week at Kee Mo Kee.

3) 5 youth attended Youth Forum with Jane.

4) Church School is in need of teachers.  Please offer to help!  The next story focus will be The Sower.

5) The summer camp at FSA will be July 10-14, 2017.

6) CD has chosen to provide some sort of children’s programming on April 23 at FSA and not go to Metropolitan.

7) The children’s musical and confirmation will be April 30.

8)  The youth will be participating in The Swell at Wesley Knox on Good Friday.

9) Big Circle Breakfast was April 9th, thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible!!!

9) The Lenten series project will have finished by this meeting.  The Pringle Cans will be collected and the money counted by volunteers.  All proceeds will go towards the Heritage Week at Camp Kee Mo Kee!  We welcome feedback about this project so that we can decide what to do next year J

10) We will be hosting a series titled “Recomposing a Life” beginning at the end of April and running 8 weeks.  This program will be led by Sheila McGregor and Barb McGill.  It will be open to all churches. The program is for people born 1946-1966.  The cost of the program is $65.  Please spread the word!

11) We are working with the 185th committee to support programs this year.

12) Don’t forget to sign up for the overnight camp at Kee Mo Kee.  There will only be worship at Kee Mo Kee and not FSA on the 4th of June.

Report to Council
APRIL 2017

Sentimental Journey
The committee welcomed Nancy Quinn lead organiser of this event for a full review of the marketing which had taken place, and planning of what was still to be completed.  An additional request for 100 posters and 500 bookmarks was made and will be printed. The program for the event will be printed by the office, along with some support from Jane. Nancy was to confirm with Jane how much time from her limited schedule she would have to assist. At the request of the UCW, invoices from C&M will not be submitted until after the event.
The VPP concert with the help of many volunteers was a success with 186 tickets being sold, with approx. $1282.00 going to St Paul’s Dailey bread, and $1923.00 towards the electronic sign. The committee would suggest the following should council wish to run a second event in 2018.
The designated charity be contacted and confirmed well ahead of time to insure that they will be on board with the event, and assist in the selling of the tickets
FSA would design their own poster instead of using the generic poster that VPP used for all of the events.
We would suggest that VPP on their web page promote the tour, and add links to the FSA page off of the VPP page.
Need full discussion between both parties concerning marketing.
Upcoming events
Work continues on the Rummage Sale and golf tournament. We have not yet heard back from Doors Open concerning the application for FSA to once again host in the fall.
Events/ Fundraisers
As noted in our March report the committee is concerned with the number of Events/Fundraisers being hosted by the various committees. While the SOP  (Statement of Policies and Procedures) is very clear on steps to take for fundraising events we feel that some events are not considered by the organisers as true fundraising events and as such will not fall into the SOP. While the work of the committees with regards to the outreach is commendable, we feel that we are approaching a situation of donor fatigue and events are now possibly hurting one another by competing for patron’s time.
For Example FSA will have two music concerts, one hosted by the music committee, the second is the UCW event, while both have different programs they are 1 week apart.
C&M would like to make the following motions with regard to events/fundraisers:
A small committee is formed to orchestrate all fundraising and events with regard to the timing of these events, and report back with a policy subject to approval by council on the same with the aim that this policy takes effect for the 2018/2019 church year. ( September 2018)
Suggested representation from Music, UCW, MOE, Planning, and C&M.
For the year 2017/2018 all events (fundraising / events) are approved by council with respect to the timing of the events.

report to council

APRIL 2017

1.   Budget  2017

The Budget for 2017 was previously reviewed in detail by the Committee. The Budget, as currently presented, results in an operating deficit of $161,483.
The deficit is reduced by $145,000 assistance from the Trustees and the UCW. If the position of the Visitation Minister is not filled, then a savings of approximately $20,000 would reduce the deficit, resulting in a small surplus of $3,517.

The 2017 budgeted operating deficit of $161,483 is an increase of $36,630 over the 2016 operating deficit of $124,853.

2017 budgeted revenues are expected to be approximately $72,000 below 2016 levels, with total givings, including memorial donations, accounting for about $28,000 of this decline.

2017 budgeted expenses are approximately $35,000 below 2016 levels.

Certain of the Committees were asked to reassess their 2017 budgeted expenses to determine if some expenses could be reduced. Two committees reduced expenses by $2,500 in total and M&P indicated that they will access the Clark Fund for $4,900 of continuing education.


2. Statement of Revenues and Expenses-

January 2017 (REVISED)

The attached Statement of Revenues and Expenses for January has been revised for the following reason:

     The deposit for Sunday January 29, 2017 was incorrectly recorded in February 2017. The attached statement reflects this correction. 

   The activities in January resulted in a surplus of $13,120. Total revenues were under budget by $1,545 and the expenses were under budget by $10,282.

    It should be noted that there were 5 weeks in January for both 2017 and 2016. Also the support  of $6,500 provided
by UCW was received in January 2017.


3. Statement of Revenues and Expenses-
February  2017

The attached Statement of Revenues and Expenses for February reflects a deficit of $12,304:

    Total revenues were under budget by $8,373. Of this givings were below budget by $7,058. There are 4 Sundays in February of which one service was conducted at Metropolitan United Church. Hence there were only 3 Sunday services at FSA in February.
It cannot be determined how much the donations have been reduced by the fact that FSA did not have a service in one Sunday in February.

    Total expenses for the month were over budget by $3,988.


Furniture and equipment for the Church Administrator’s office amounted to $2,818 (which may be considered a Capital expenditure) and about $1,500 in consulting costs of Drake Personnel to assist the new Church Administrator


4. Non Budgeted Expenditures and Inter Budget Transfers.


From time to time, there are some people who deem it necessary to incur certain expenses for which there is no BUDGET. To do this unilaterally is unacceptable.

Heather Vouvalidis has recently issued a memo that all Chairs submit all such un-budgeted expenditure requests to her. She will then bring these to the Finance Committee for review and to Council for final determination, if necessary


In addition, there have been some requests from some Chairs to request that some other Committees transfer a portion of their budget to a specific cause. 

I request that Council mandate that such requests for “Unbudgeted expenditures and Request for Inter Committee reallocations” be submitted to Heather Vouvalidis, Church Administrator. Such submissions may be taken to Council for a final determination.  

Report to Council
APRIL 2017

  • The committee requested that Volunteer Appreciation Sunday be deferred until fall.
  • Tom Hiscock reported on the success of the Lunch Bunch as a social / pastoral venture.
    However , with his retirement ,the future of the group is uncertain.
  • The membership roll review team , with the support of Jo Ann Silcox continues to meet.
  • Pastoral Care- lively discussion as to the importance of visitation and pastoral Care at FSA and in the community.
  • Thanks to everyone who continues to assist at Coffee and Conversation.
  • Donations to the lawn sign project are reported as successful.

Report to Council
APRIL 2017

  • The Golf Tournament Committee would appreciate FSA members donating silent auction items or hole sponsorships for the White Squirrel Golf Tournament on June 10th.  Contact Diane Knoppert.
    There will be a 19th Hole Lunch on Sunday, May 7 to kick off the Golf Tournament.
    We are looking for volunteers to co-ordinate next year’s Tournament.  It has  raised over $60,000 during the past 11 years.
  • Sundae Sunday will take place at Kee Mo Kee on June 4.  Donations will be directed to the new electronic sign

Report to Council

APRIL 2017

Friends of Music Fund (FoM)

Concerts held this year and supported by FoM include “Winter Interlude,” “Shakespeare Sings” and the Friday Lenten Noon Recitals/Lunches on March 3, 10 and 24. The final concert of the year will be held on April 29 at 7:30pm, “From Sea to Sea to Sea” and is a celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

The Terms of Reference for the Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund

The “Terms of Reference” for the Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund have been reviewed and returned to John Eberhard. This updated document will be considered at the Board of Trustees meeting on Friday, April 21.

Senior Choir – Good Friday Service

The Senior Choir participated in the Good Friday Service at Metropolitan United Church. The choir joined the choir at MET in the singing of the anthem.

Name change for Prelude and Postlude

The prelude to the worship service has been changed to Music to Enter into God’s Presence and the postlude to Music to Commission Us Into Service and Witness. This change appeared first in the March 5 Order of Service.

Report to Council

APRIL 2017

There are several changes to Committee membership this month.

  1. WORSHIP: Worship will welcome ALLYSON WATSON to the committee as of May.
  2. PROPERTY: In view of her new Administrative position, HEATHER VOUVALIDIS has stepped down as Co-Chair but will remain as an ex-officio member

Report to Council
APRIL 2017

Thank you to all who assisted with the Victoria Playhouse event.  In the end it was a success and generated funds for both FSA and St Pauls Daily Bread.

The fundraising for the new sign is still underway.  Many committees and groups have found a way to contribute. Please consider what you might do to help make this happen.  FSA and all of the Committee events will benefit greatly from more effective  exposure.  We greatfully acknowledge the support so far.  Goal is $20,000.   So far we have around $7500.   Our hope is for a summer/fall installation.

Report to Council
APRIL 2017

No report received

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

APRIL 2017


No Report Received

Report to Council

APRIL 2017

No Report Received

Report to Council

APRIL 2017

2017 Christmas Services:
-The CD committee, for various compelling reasons, encouraged us not to have a pageant on Christmas Eve morning.
- The suggestion was made, after a discussion with CD, that the Worship Committee would be responsible for the Family Christmas Eve service, as it is with other Worship Services. The Family Christmas Eve service should have a worshipful tone; but also be child friendly, and not overly stimulating.
Worship Committee’s project for the sign:
-A firm in Bracebridge could create pewter Christmas ornaments for us. If sold for $20, each ornament would make a profit of $9.50. The committee approved the plan. Jane will be sending the appropriate paperwork to Finance to initiate this.
Welcoming Greeters
-A suggestion was made that we should cut down the number of Welcoming Greeters for each Sunday. After consultation with Charlotte Oldham, it was determined that we should continue with 4 Welcoming Greeters.
Review of Worship Services:
-There have been concerns expressed about the Prayers of the People. Various suggestions were discussed. The first step is that Michelle will provide one-on-one constructive feedback for those who generate negative feedback.
Upcoming Worship Services:
April 23 – service at Metropolitan
April 30 – Confirmation Celebration, SS Teacher Appreciation, and Children’s Musical
May 7 – Legacy Sunday
May 14 – Mother’s Day and Tom Hiscock’s farewell
-Worship will move to Proudfoot Hall on July 2 and return to the sanctuary on September 10
Budget Review:
We were charged $459 for costs incurred as a result of the sound system failure. As well we were asked to pay half the cost of the speaker($125) at the Good Friday Service at Met. These were both unexpected costs.

LFPress Ad:
-There will be an FSA ad in the paper for Easter highlighting the music in conjunction with Worship.
Candle Lighters
-Pam Salmoni would like to see more adults light the Christ candle in honour of or in memory of a cared individual.
Worship Feedback:
-The committee spent time reviewing the Feedback for Worship. We looked at strengths and at areas for improvement. We will continue this discussion at our May meeting.
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