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Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees by constitution. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminsitrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

  1. Minutes of the December Council Meeting
  2. Roll Clerk Report-Sept 2017
  3. Draft minutes of the 2017 Annual Congregational meeting
  4. Draft minutes of the Oct. 2017 Congregational meeting
  5. Planning Committee Report- Dec. 2017

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Report to Council

December 2017 2017

The Christian Development Committee is responsible for the care and feeding of the development of Christianity for three demographics within FSA: Children, Youth and Adults.

1) The Christmas Pageant will be on December 17th.  A big thanks to all the volunteers led by Jane and Terry for the work put into this musical.

2) Our Christmas Outreach project is 12 stockings for children who attend the overnight program at Merrymount.

3) We are providing costumes, cider and cookies for the 6:30 pm Christmas Eve service.

4) The grade 5-8 group has met for social and spiritual fun 2 Friday nights this fall and are an enthusiastic bunch.

5) We will be hosting Project GO this summer.  IT is a week long day camp that focuses on social justice and outreach.  The leadership team from Toronto will be working with local organizations with our kids.

6) There will be NO nursery care of church school on December 31.

7) Deanne and David Pederson will be running a series on self compassion Jan 17, 24 and 31st from 2-4:00 pm.

8)  Mining the mystery is back!  The BBL is running a 3 part series focused on dementia.

9) Sing For Your Supper will end December 13th and resume January 17th.

10) We will offer 2 weeks of VBS this summer.

11) Jean Brown Committee has met and set a budget for 2018.

12) Camp Kee Mo Kee weekend has been chosen and booked for June 1-3, 2018.

13) There is a group of youth who are working on planning a mission trip within Canada for this summer.  Their hope is to work on something that helps build relationships with indigenous youth.

14) Our Lenten project this year will focus on raising awareness of poverty within the London community.


We wish you all the best in 2018! J

Report to Council
December 2017

  1. The budget for 2018 was reviewed and submitted to Finance for their approval.
  2. A motion was approved to transfer $1,500.00 from the 2017 budget to the Electronic sign fund.
  3. The committee will in conjunction with Membership and Nurture explore and assist in the production of a Church Directory.
    1. Passed along info to membership and nurture about new program being launched by Patrick’s beans specifically tailored for churches.
  4. Ongoing marketing:

    Magi event continues to be promoted, online ticket sales for the Friday are going well, and the church office is handling the matinee.

      1. Facebook to date ( December 5th) on the ad, 1515 people reached with 41 accessing the FSA web page via the link in the ad, and 10 have shared the event on their timelines to further promote the event in the community.
      2. This ad will run until December 9.

    Mining the Mystery provided a test case for the new marketing assistance handout form which in this case was a success. Further development of this online tool will take place over the next few weeks and it will be rolled out to all in an email as well being made available online.

    Eluco concert scheduled for January 2018.  Pat Tripp will follow up with the organizers to start the marketing campaign.

  5. The request from FSA strings for a concert on November 22 was received by C&M on October 25th.  C&M as per the mandate from council in April 2017 looked over the calendar of events for this period and felt it had the potential to take away from the events already scheduled, as well could not be properly promoted to be successful. It was the decision of C&M that this event be moved to a more favorable date, one where a full promotion could be launched, and gain as much success as possible. This decision was conveyed to the organisers as well as the chair of council both in an email and in person. While not a favorable decision we did offer to promote the event in the email blast and web should council decide to go ahead with this date.
  6. 185th templates. The committee is suggesting to council that we retire all use of the 185th logo and various templates effective December 31, 2017. It would be our recommendation to property that the banner also be removed at this time. Please advise on this request so that we can update the web in a timely fashion.
  7. A communication from Bob Peel concerning one of our advertisers ( Amica Retirement) where they have offered FSA facilities if the need to host a retreat, meetings off site. It was also suggested that we could approach them to assist in sponsoring an event and or reception after an event. It is our recommendation that we should investigate and support those who support us in such ventures.
  8. As a reminder to all committees of council, C&M has printed cards available in the office which allow for a personalised thanks to be expressed for those who donate to FSA.
  9. Reaching out to worship to inquire about promoting the Christmas Eve service to the community through Facebook as well as the web.
  10. Finally, I announced to the committee after carful and thoughtful consideration my resignation from the committee effective February 28, 2018. The team that is place is one of excellence and I am sure will not miss a beat through this transition period. The work and dedication of this small committee should be applauded for making it a pleasure to work with as well as making the job of chair an easy one.

report to council

December 2017

  • Statement of Revenues and Expenses                           

Financial statements 

  • October 2017 results were circulated by Katherine Wonfor on Nov. 27th.  
  • The finance committee met on November 10, 2017 and reviewed the surplus for the month of October.   Thanks to all committees for being conservative on your budget expenses for this year.
  • The finance committee has not met in December to review the financial statements as of November 31, 2017.  Unfortunately, there is a projected deficit for the month of November.  The committee will be meeting on Friday December 15th to review the financial statements and the other projects the committee is working on currently.       
  • Finance Committee Membership

We are pleased to welcome Laura Wood, CMA, to the finance committee. Laura’s background is in budgeting, special project accounting and general accounting for a corporation headquartered here in London, ON.

  • Stewardship campaign

As of December 10, we have received 111 pledge forms.  347 pledge forms were sent to the list of members and adherents on Nov. 1.
To date the projected increase in givings is 1.2% over last year. 

  • Budgets for 2018   

Thank you to the committee chairs that have returned their proposed budgets for 2018. 
There are still one or two committee’s that have not returned or indicated their budget for 2018.   I will be following up with those chairs in the next week.   The finance committee will have a proposed budget at the January 2018 meeting (although I will be in Toronto – so it might have to be by Skype).

  • Capital Request Forms

The finance committee is grateful to the Trustees for their continued support and the transfer of funds to the FSA general bank account to support the work of the previously approved CRFs as the work was completed.

  • DonorPerfect

Kerry Hill has been collecting data from the staff and various members of council regarding data that is required not only from a donor perspective but also how, if possible, to use a software application to update the Roll of this congregation and to produce reports using the demographic data.
The finance committee endeavours to have a recommendation to council by the end of the 1st quarter of 2018 on a recommendation either to stay with DonorPerfect or replace the software. 

Report to Council
December 2017


Report to Council
December 2017

It has been suggested that we change our committee’s name to Mission & Outreach.  After years of being referred to as MOE, we are discovering that some people still have no idea as to what the acronym means.  In addition, we have not been developing environmental initiatives because all of our members are heavily involved in the other initiatives we support.  If there are persons within the church who wish to pursue environmental issues, perhaps a sub-committee under the umbrella of  Mission & Outreach could be formed or, if there is a strong interest, a stand-alone committee.
A successful Sundae Sunday was held after church on November 29.  Thanks to The London Ice Cream Company for donating the ice cream.
Thanks to Anne MacPhail who now  sits on the ELUCO Board replacing Linda Badke, retiring after 25 years of yeoman service.  ELUCO has been a partner of FSA for many years.
$2600 worth of gift cards was purchased for the Marconi area to be distributed by Nancy Howard through ELUCO.
Nancy will be our speaker on Mission Sunday, February 4.
$5750 is the final total for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank matched 4:1 by Global Affairs Canada.
Please read the current issue of Tidings’ article  about the Annual White Squirrel Golf Tournament.  The bottom line is that we need additional congregational leadership for this event in order to continue our outreach mandate.  For many years our local outreach was part of the operating budget.  That is no longer the case and if we are to continue supporting our sister church, St. Paul’s, in  downtown outreach and our partner ELUCO,  the Golf Tournament needs to continue.  It also provides the much needed fellowship component of being an effective congregation.

Report to Council

December 2017

Information Sheet for Using Facebook to Advertise Music events
Anne Cummings prepared an information sheet for Facebook usage from ideas that Doug Gonder sent. The Music Committee and Senior Choir members are encouraged to use Facebook to promote Friends of Music concerts.

Leaders for Friday Advent Noon Lunches
A set of guidelines has been written so that the leadership of the Advent/Lenten lunches can be shared. For Advent 2017, the leads will be Dec 1 – Anne Cummings, Dec 8 – Merran Neville, Dec 15 – Ardath Finnbogason-Hill. We thank, in advance, our group of volunteers who are assisting with the lunches. Lunches will continue to be provided by B. Davison S. S.

Fall Concerts
The Fall Hymn Festival on October 21 at 7:30pm celebrating the 185th Anniversary of First-St. Andrew’s was a great success. There were 100 singers and five other churches participated with the FSA Senior Choir. Proceeds from this concert, after expenses, were donated to the El Sistema program.
Canadian Brass Concert: Nov 15 at 8:00pm This was the first concert for the Music Committee to serve beer and wine. Doug Gonder who has completed SmartServe training assisted. Tickets were sold in advance to purchase b/w in the intermission.
Lessons learned: The beer and wine was served in Proudfoot Hall and unfortunately concert attendees, for the most part, were not aware its availability. In future, b/w will be served in the Atrium where it will be more visible.

Music Budget

The Music budget for 2018 has been submitted

Coffee & Conversation
The Music Committee has signed up to be responsible for Coffee and Conversation for the month of February.

Moving Chapel Organ to the Sanctuary
The move of the Chapel organ has been approved. Terry is coordinating the move into the sanctuary. The target date for completion of the move is March 30, 2018 (Good Friday).

Elijah Performance
The performance of Elijah will be given on Saturday, April 21, 2018.  The FSA Senior Choir will be joined by London Pro Musica and London Symphonia. This will be an expensive undertaking and while some cost will be borne by ticket sales and the Friends of Music Fund, we will also be looking for some financial sponsors to help subsidize the cost of the production. FSA is looking after organizing all aspects of the performance and London Pro Music will do the programs.


Music awareness Sunday went well and positive remarks were received from many of the congregation

Senior Choir
The handbell workshop (see below) was very good for our handbell ringers and Terry would like to plan a workshop for the senior choir with Elizabeth McDonald in Fall 2018.

Laudamus Bells
The handbell workshop on Nov 4 was a great success. The Laudamus Bells hosted the day-long workshop for handbell ringers who are members of OGEHR. The Laudamus Bells performed in the Lesson and Carols Service on Dec 3 and perform again on Dec 15 for the final Friday Advent Noon Recital/Lunch.

Junior Choirs
In collaboration with the Sunday School children and teens, there will be a performance of A Play in a Manger on Sunday, Dec 17.

FSA Strings
The FSA strings gave a concert on Wednesday, Nov 22 which was well received by the audience.

Report to Council

December 2017


·         Proudfoot Hall Heating: After the boiler start up, excessive heat was noticed in Proudfoot Hall. One rental group had to open all the windows and doors to maintain a comfortable temperature. HCD investigated and found two steam valves that control the east and west side of Proudfoot Hall with individual (2) thermostats. Both valves are leaking steam when closed. The west side is worse. With the current colder temperatures the heat problem is less noticeable as the leakage is maintaining the required temperature. 2 replacement valves have been special ordered and installation will be scheduled when they arrive.

·         Proudfoot Hall Kitchen Refrigerator Thermostat replacement: London Major Appliances have not yet committed to repairing the refrigerator. Service department states they only repair what they sell. Waiting for original contact to return from holidays to resolve this issue.

·         Library / Parlour Ground Level Window Security: Steel grates are being fabricated and will be installed when they arrive.

·         2nd Chair Cart for Main Floor: Fabricated and delivered.

·         185 Year Banner: Strong winds have broken the fasteners of the south exterior banner cable. Repairs have been made.

·         Courtney Roofing 2017 Report: Drew MacDonald provided a report after reviewing the drone video. See Attached. Additional slate repairs are required to the Farquar House main roof. I will request a quote.


·         6' Tables: 4 more tables were purchased from Lover's at Work ahead of the Holly Bazaar. There is now a total of 40 - 6' tables.

·         Deva Tree 2nd Floor key: A permanent key has been issued to Carolyn Birk due to frequent use of the Upper Room.

·         Chubb Fire Monitoring Upgrade: Installation has been scheduled for December 5, 2017. The new service will eliminate the expensive DVAC line and be replaced with cellular / VOIP communications.


·         Internet: Execulink has been providing FSA with internet for many years now. They currently provide us with a 5 Mbps download service through a telephone line for approximately $80 month which we have out has offered us a 100 Mbps download service through fibre optics for approx. $75 month. Execulink can not match that. We will move to as soon as they can run the service to the building. There are no installation cost with a 3 year term.

·         Sound System Wi-Fi: Remote control of the Sanctuary sound system from the iPad has been intermittent. Improvements to the Sanctuary access point have been made. Will monitor.

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

December 2017

The Board of Trustees last meeting was held on November 22, 2017 and here are the highlights of that meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2018.


  • The Investment Committee report:                                                                                         
    • The RESTRICTED trust funds at October 31, 2017 are:
      • Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Fund         $ 2,500,000
      • Brown Fund                                          $    598,072
      • Clark Fund                                            $      92,585
      • Eberhard Fund                                      $      59,958
      • Wilson Fund                                          $      22,470
      • Bass Fund                                            $      24,312
        • TOTAL  RESTRICTED                $ 3,297,397      
    • Proudfoot Legacy UNRESTRICTED Trust Fund   $ 1,052,397
    • TOTAL TRUST FUNDS                                      $ 4,349,794


    • Already paid for 2017 Operations & Capital Expenses:
      • From Proudfoot for operations               $  100,000
      • From Proudfoot for Farquhar painting     $    16,673
      • From Proudfoot for railing & FH roofing  $    14,784
      • From Brown for operations                    $    25,000
        • TOTAL                                     $  156,457
    • Committed, awaiting payment for remaining 2017 Operations and Capital Expenses:
      • From Clark for continuing education       $      4,900
      • From Brown for Brown committee          $    13,500
      • From Wilson for chapel organ move       $      4,000         recently approved by Trustees
      • From Proudfoot for narthex re-plastering $    13,560
      • From Proudfoot to Worship for Head      $      2,500        
        • TOTAL                                      $    38,460


The total of expenses for 2017 Operations and Capital Expenses is $194,917.

    • Potential future Capital Projects
      • For new electronic sign                          $    25,000         not approved
      • Conversion to LED lighting in sanctuary  $                      not yet estimated


    • October 2017 ytd investment performance is 5.8% and the 8 year compound performance for January 2009 to December 2016 is 5.0%.
    • Trustees approved the appointment of BMO Nesbitt Burns and Peter McCallum as Investment Firm and Investment Advisor for 2018.
    • When looking at future years pro formas from Finance, Trustees are concerned about crossing two red lines: one when envelope givings do not cover the M&P staff expenses; the second when income from Proudfoot Legacy Funds do not cover the need for trust fund revenues for Operations and therefore Trust Fund capital would be eroded. These are both forecast to occur in the next 2 to 4 years. It was recommended that this be presented in depth for consideration at a future Council Executive meeting.
    • Equity asset mix is now 40% of all assets, the limit allowed by the Investment Policy,
  • The Insurance Committee report:
  • A pilot project of using a safety deposit box to provide backup storage of FSA Trustee electronic files, not resident on the church’s computer, using a USB drive. To date, the index of the Memorial Books, a list of Memorial Gifts, a list of Memorial Anthems, the Proudfoot Legacy Tree leaf programs and the monthly Investment Summaries of investments at BMO Nesbitt Burns for the past10 years are being captured on this Trustee thumb drive.
  • Trustees would like to make this safety deposit box available to other church committees. Contact David Manness if you have an interest in taking advantage of this offer to store like files for your committee. We would offer it to one more committee while this program is under pilot for the next calendar year.


  • The Memorial Committee report
      • During the ministry of the Rev. Tony Gazzard (1980 to 1989) a First Nation’s walking stick was presented to FSA.  The Memorials Committee will investigate the whereabouts of the walking stick.  It was also requested that a search be made for two free standing ornamental iron candelabras (gold in colour), each about 5 feet in height with 4 holders on each. Please advise Trustees if you know of the whereabouts of these objects.
  • Future Trustee Meeting
  • Camp Kee-Mo-Kee has approached FSA for support of their capital project plan for the next 5 years. CD is interested in supporting this initiative. Mary Ann Hodge, Chair of Kee-Mo-Kee, is being invited to present to the Trustees and CD at the January meeting of Trustees.
  • General:          
      • Trustees have agreed to host Coffee and Conversation for a month in 2018 and have advised Deanne Pedersen so it can be scheduled.
      • Trustees recommended that David McKane use the new FSA ornament that Worship has created to give to his pastoral care people when he calls. Trustees can pick up the cost, if necessary.
      • Work has begun on hosting an Estate seminar dealing with financial planning, role of the executor, tax consequences, will writing, legacy gifts and more related topics. Stay tuned for more information.

Report to Council

December 2017


Report to Council

December 2017

David McKane is preparing a workshop for Liturgists and any other people who would like to know more about how to pray. There was discussion of special invitations to members of various committees and groups to be a part of this.
Sales of the ornaments have been steady. At the time of the meeting, we had not yet covered expenses. Michelle is inviting various community partners to assist with the lighting of the Advent candle at each of the services, and we will be giving each group a Christmas ornament.
Baptism Services:
The dates for Baptism Services for 2018 have been set for Jan 28, April 15, May 13(Mother’s Day), Sept. 23 and Nov. 18. Baptisms may be set on other days to accommodate special circumstances.
Lent Focus:
The Lenten Focus, as established by the CD committee will be “Awareness of Poverty”. The Worship Committee will support the CD committee with this initiative.
Colour in the Order of Service:
Finance submitted a request for Worship to look at the use of colour in the bulletin due to the expense. Michelle will instruct the church secretary to print the Order of Service in black and white except on special Sundays as determined by Michelle. She will also instruct her to print the children’s bulletins in black and white for each Sunday.
It was decided to solicit “sponsorships” for colour printing from the congregation to mark special days in their lives (anniversaries, births, etc.) much as we used to do with the “Run the Church for a Day” program. Sponsorship would be $100.
Large Print Order of Service:
To accommodate some of the members of the congregation with visual impairments, we are looking into providing large print orders of service. Michelle will consult with the office to see about the feasibility of this, and report back at our next meeting. We would start by printing 10 and then evaluating the response.
Use of order of Service for Informational Material:
It was noted that information from Finance had been placed in the Order of Service each Sunday in November which was against the policy of reserving these announcements for the insert. Discussion ensued.
Review of Anniversary Services:
The month was judged an overall success, although it was noted that the Nov. 26 service was too long. Costs for the Proudfoot Lecture were $792 and income from the tickets was $600, a relatively minor deficit that could be accommodated by our budget. Judging by comments from the audience, it was well worth the expenditure.
Christmas Eve Family Service:
Allyson will discuss with Jane Dockerill about whether there should be a musical interlude for taking up the offering or there should be a basket at the door.
Christmas Eve Cider:
It was decided not to serve cider in the Atrium this year. (CD subsequently decided that they would serve cider in the Atrium between the Family Service and the Candlelight and Communion Service.)
Christmas Eve Staffing:
Barry will be staffing the Atrium door on Christmas Eve. Custodial Services have been set for the Candlelight Service, but not the Family Service. Michelle will look into what is needed for Custodial Services for the Family Service. Some members have requested that the exterior Narthex doors be open for the Christmas Eve services. This will require extra monitoring.
Dec. 31 Service:
Custodial Services will be provided. David will provide Order of Service information for this service before the holidays, and Katherine will have the Order of Service completed.
FSA Going to Metropolitan for the Worship Service on Feb. 18 and April 29
There was considerable discussion of this with no clear decision. This was tabled until our January meeting.
Also for Discussion at Future Meetings:
-Dealing with Disturbing and Disturbed people during Worship
-Chancel Configuration