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"Meditation Peace Garden" Application Update

In November 2017 we submitted a grant application to the City of London under the direction and inspiration of Barry Evans who had heard about a new program being offered by the City. Our application was for a Meditation Peace Garden here on the grounds of First-St. Andrew’s.  More than 4,900 Londoners helped decide what neighbourhood enhancement projects will be funded by voting online or at their local library branch on Saturday, November 18.

“This is a great way for the City of London to connect with neighbourhoods and learn about individual needs,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “We’ve had a great response and I’m looking forward to this continued collaboration as we build the city we want for our children and grandchildren....A total of $250,000 was available, with the city divided into five geographic areas, each area receiving $50,000 for projects to help make London’s many great neighbourhoods even better. The city of London is proud to offer to the Woodfield District:  First St-Andrew’s United Church $30,000 for a Meditation Peace Garden." 

The planning committee would like to thank all of you who voted, and all of our community partners who voted to support us as well. With special gratitude to Barry Evans and the chair of the committee Steve Elson for their leadership in this project.

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