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Are you an educator yourself or perhaps interested in how members of all ages learn about the tenets of the Christian church? Do you have a sensitivity for the different ways that people of different ages learn best? Do you want to have a hand in building and maintaining FSA's CD program? We need you on this committee!

Members are resonsible for mounting and evaluating programs and ensuring that adequate resources are provided. Normally, membership is drawn from those who already have a role in the following church CD activities:

  • Nursery (during Sunday worship service)
  • Church School (during Sunday worship service)
  • Youth Group (during Sunday worship service and at scheduled other times)
  • Adult Bible Studies (Sunday at 9 am and Thursday at 10:00 am)
  • Movie Nights (usually held monthly at 7am - see Bulletin for details of movies and dates)
  • Book Club (usually held bimonthly at 7pm - see Bulletin for books and dates)
  • Confirmation Class (see schedule in the Bulletin)
  • Special adult learning events throughout the year: Mining the Mystery, Proudfoot Lecture, adult CD series (See the bulletin or the web for details, times and dates)

The committee meets monthly at 7 pm except in the summer. Participating "in the trenches" in various CD activities can take up extra time.

For the current year, the membership includes:

  • Allyson Watson (chair)
  • Nancy Howard
  • Susan McKane
  • Katie Glaves
  • Michael Feeney
  • Mason Robichaud
  • Jo Ann Silcox
  • Heather Lake
  • Jane Dockrill (ex officio)


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