FSA Council is made up of chairs of all of its committees and meets once a month.
You can have a hand in how the church is run.

If you hear folks talking about "MOE" at FSA, the first thing that you need to know is that it is not a man's name. MOE is the nickname we give to our Mission Outreach and Environment Committee. Are you interested in helping out the less fortunate both locally and around the world? Are you concerned about what is happening to our environment? Have you always wanted to make a personal and tangible impact on world dilemmas? Do you have a wee touch of the smarts when it comes to raising awareness and raising funds? Welcome aboard! "MOE" will be your "cup of tea."

This committee is FSA's link to the UCC's Mission & Services Fund which responds to national and international humanitarian need. As such, it becomes involved in a number of international fund-raising efforts, one of them being the Amnesty International Program.

The committee is also involved with:

  • preparing baby layettes
  • organizing food collection for the Youth Action Centre and St. Paul's Daily Bread
  • actively supporting ELUCO (East London United Church Outreach) in specified projects
  • working with St. Marys United Church in support of the Canadian Food Grains Bank (this entails occupying a chair on their board).
  • supporting special projects in Nicaragua
  • Amnesty International and its efforts to ensure that people around the world receive just treatment

You can get a sense of the scope of our projects from the following:

  • Food Bank: The committee is responsible for the collection of food, baby food and cleaning supplies for St. Paul's Daily Bread program. Collection baskets are located at the entrance to the Chapel, in the Narthex and Atrium. Financial contributions are also welcome. For more information, contact Jean Knowles.
  • Grow-a-Row Project: It has become a tradition at FSA to partner with St. Marys United Church to provide money for the Canadian Food Grains Program. Donations are matched at a ratio of 4 to 1 by CIDA.
  • Environmental Consciousness Raising: (with regard to the environment and ensuring that all things green are respected.)
  • Amnesty International: Our annual letter-writing campaign

As a result of such a broad agenda, members will find much of the committee's time is taken up in raising funds for a variety of very needy causes. Communication of the needs and the nature of various fund-raisers that are being run is a key element of the work of the committee. Therefore, it is important for members to be comfortable enlisting a response from the congregation or simply rolling up their sleeves and working on such projects. Our biggest fund-raising event each year is the White Squirrel Golf Tournament in June.

The committee meets formally on a Monday of every month but informal meetings of sub-groups can be called on an ad-hoc basis. By virtue of the local and national liaisons, there may be meetings of individual members with our link groups in the greater community as the need arises. Individuals may be called upon to work out details of specific fund-raisers.

The current membership includes:

  • Barbara Dalrymple, Co-Chair
  • Pat Pettit, Co-Chair
  • Linda Badke
  • Janice Elliott
  • Marilyn Beach
  • Liz Galbraith
  • Jan Hendry
  • Laurel Kenney
  • Bill Knowles
  • Jean Knowles
  • Michelle Down (ex officio)