FSA Council: Property

FSA Council is made up of chairs of all of its committees and meets once a month.
You can have a hand in how the church is run.

Do you have an interest in ensuring that your house and its equipment run safely and well? Do you take delight in ensuring that within your means you can provide for the needs of your family? Are you a practical handy-person when it comes to renovation and repair? Are you a good budgeter? Do you exercise good judgment before you jump in and make a purchase? If so, we have a committee for you. This describes the kind of person who would be right at home on the Property Committee.

There is never a dull moment on this committee. As a result of an engineering report in 2008, called the Avis Report, the committee has been methodically implementing a list of structural priorities for our aging church building. This, of course, often gets delayed when emergent issues come up. The work is rewarding since you can identify projects and help to get them off the ground and then see the satisfying end results.

Property usually meets once a month, usually the first Tuesday, but since issues cannot always be programmed, the committee occasionally gets together on an ad hoc basis.

  • George Jolink (chair)
  • Ron Bradley
  • Willis Buckingham
  • Bill Guthrie
  • Donna Fraleigh
  • Peter Ross
  • Bob Swartman
  • Tim Miedema (ex officio)
  • Heather Vouvalidis (ex officio)