FSA Council: Board of Trustees

FSA Council is made up of chairs of all of its committees and meets once a month.
You can have a hand in how the church is run.

Do you keep up-to-date with investment and business news? Are you comfortable with making decisions about long and short term investments? Are you able to ride the ups and downs in the monetary world without pushing the panic button? Are you a planner by nature and perhaps just a wee bit obsessive? Then, the Board of Trustees wants you.

Over the years many kind and forward-thinking members have left portions of their estates to the Church. These monies collectively constitute FSA's endowment fund, the income which has enabled the financing of many worthy projects that regular church givings would not have been able to support. Such donations are represented on our "Legacy Tree" in the Atrium as green leaves that signify church renewal. Each year in May we have a special ceremony to thank those who have made a bequest to the church.

The Board of Trustees is charged with the responsibility of investing these endowed funds wisely in order to provide the church with optimal income. They also decide how to apportion the income from these funds between investment and current special projects. They truly are the "wise folk" of FSA whom we trust to look after our future.

Usually the trustees meet once a month, on a Monday morning, for an hour.

  • David Manness (co-chair)
  • John Eberhard (co-chair)
  • Russ Gonder
  • Russ Monteith
  • Bill Peel
  • Bob Schram
  • Robin Procunier
  • June McKay
  • Katherine Wonfor
  • Bob Slater
  • Beth Bailey
  • Catherine Charleton
  • Michelle Down (ex officio)