FSA Council: Worship

FSA Council is made up of chairs of all of its committees and meets once a month.
You can have a hand in how the church is run.

Are you interested in the liturgical reasoning for how the worship service is put together? Do you value the coherence of language, music, prayer and sermon when you worship? Do you like the chance to reach out and get to know members who might like to participate in worship services? Wonderful! This committee can be your home!

The Worship Committee has the responsibility for planning and overseeing the worship service on Sunday mornings. In addition to the regular service, they are responsible for organizing Communion six times a year and Baptism at least three times a year. They seek out and invite speakers for special church occasions such as Anniversary Sunday and help to organize other worship events, such as the Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve. and Good Friday Services.

The committee is also in charge of organizing "welcoming-greeters" for each service, arranging for scripture readers, and training and scheduling liturgists to assist the minister on Sunday mornings.

The Worship Committee meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month. Members charged with special tasks, such as Baptism, Communion, Welcoming-Greeters, etc. will devote extra individual time to their tasks.

  • Jane Westmorland (chair)
  • Jim Silcox
  • Barry Tiffin
  • Jean Wright
  • Joan Bancroft
  • Barbara Cunningham
  • Stephen Adams
  • Terry Head (ex officio)
  • Allyson Watson
  • David McKane
  • Rev. Michelle Down (ex officio)