FSA's Shopping and Gift Card Program

Buying shopping and gift cards from FSA is the same as buying cards at any store where you see racks of various cards to purchase. The difference is that the church makes a profit if you buy through us.

  • When we purchase cards through AVGEN (the card distributor), AVGEN immediately reimburses FSA the percentage amount assigned to each card; for example, when an order is placed for a $100 card for Loblaws, FSA pays AVGEN $96.50 and we keep $3.50. Voila!
  • Important News About Payment Policy: We are streamlining the Shopping Card program to improve the financial benefit to the church and eliminate costly credit card fees.  Effective March 5, 2017, we will be accepting only cash, cheque and debit card payments for Shopping Card purchases.

Why the Change? Recently, we learned that purchases paid by credit card have been costing us nearly 2% of the value of each sale.  Since returns on the most frequently purchased cards range from 2% to 4%, in some cases there is no profit from the sale of a card.  Profit from the sale of Shopping Cards is further reduced by other charges, including a fixed monthly fee for the use of the terminal.  In our review of fees we identified that, when you use a debit card, the cost to the church is only 7 CENTS per transaction.  We will therefore continue to offer you the convenience of purchasing Shopping Cards with your debit card but not your credit card.
Thank you for supporting the Shopping Card program.  If you haven’t bought cards in the past, we always welcome new customers!  We will continue to stock the most popular Shopping Cards for sale on Sundays.  Be sure to visit the Shopping Card table soon, and bring your debit card, cash or cheque.

  • If you spend a portion of the amount on your card, the remaining amount stays on the card.
  • When you have used the entire amount on the card, you need to buy another card. Cards are not reactivated.
  • You can still receive your reward points from your store.
  • We stock many popular cards so you can buy them and pay for them on the spot.
  • We have access to many other cards which you can order and pay for one week and then come back and receive them the next next week

If you have any questions or need more clarification do not hesitate to contact Margo Christodoulou (519-660-0191) or Tara Gonder.

  • Order from FSA's list of stocked cards. (Because we already have the cards on hand, your purchase will be available for pickup as soon as we receive your order)
  • Order from the complete listing of cards that can be obtained, i.e., a "special order." (Your purchases will have to be ordered in by the church. Check with the church administrator or those at the card desk on Sunday as to the date when your purchase will be available for pickup)

While you can always fill in your order form at our table at Coffee and Conversation, you also have the option of planing ahead.

You can download a form showing our stocked cards list here.

  1. Print it and fill it in, scan it and email it to us as an attachment
  2. Print it and fill it in by hand. Then bring it with you on Sunday or to the office during the week.

You can download a form showing ALL cards (to submit a "special order, including non-stocked cards items) here.

  1. Print it and fill it in, scan it and email it to us as an attachment
  2. Print it and fill it in by hand. Then bring it with you on Sunday or to the church office during the week.