Staff Directory: In alpha order

  • Our general email address is:
  • Our phone number is: 519-679-8182
  • Our address is: 350 Queens Ave, London, ON, N6B 1X6

Jane Dockrill
Youth & Young Family Coordinator
Part-Time Admin Assistant
Telephone Ext. 4
Telephone Ext. 0
Michelle Down
Minister of Worship
& Congregational Life
Telephone Ext. 1
In Emergencies - 519-709-9554 (cell phone)
Terry Head
Director of Music

Telephone Ext. 3
Tom Hiscock
Minister of Visitation

Telephone Ext. 2

Cell: 519-494-8182
George Jolink
Part-Time Custodian
Rental Coordinator
For rental inquiries, please contact
Karen Low
Volunteer Associate Minister
Tim Miedema
Facilities Manager

Telephone Ext. 6
Kendra Shouldice
Nursery Care
Jo Ann Silcox
Designated Visitor
Heather Vouvalidis
Church Administrator

Telephone Ext. 5
Barry Tiffin
Atrium Steward
David McKane
Minister Emeritus
(This title is an honourific bestowed on
a much loved former minister
at FSA)
Paul Merritt
Organist Emeritus
(This title is an honourific bestowed on a talented

and fondly remembered Music Director

at FSA for 32 years.)