Look here for back issues, starting in 2000, of our quarterly newsletter, Tidings

Note that over the years there have been some issue-designation inconsistencies. For that reason, in this archive, some of the volume and issue numbers between 2000 and 2006 have been "adjusted" from their original printed designation to fit a logical four-issues-per-calendar-year sequence. To avoid confusion, therefore, when searching for a particular issue between 2000 and 2006 it is best to look first for the calendar year you are interested in and then at the bracketed liturgical season after the volume/issue number.

You will quickly see that some issues are missing altogether. Either they are not available in digital form or there was not a full four-issue volume published in that year. Either way, you can check with the Church Office to determine if there is a hard copy of the issue that you wish to view.

  2000 2001 2002
  12-1-2002 (Lent /Easter)
  10-2-2000 (Pentecost/ Summer) 11-2-2001 (Pentrecost/ Summer)
  11-3-2001 (Pentecost/ Fall) 12-3-2002 (Pentecost/ Fall)
  10-4-2000 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany) 11-4-2001 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany) 12-4-2002 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany)
2003 2004 2005 2006
13-1-2003 (Lent/ Easter) 14-1-2004 (Lent /Easter) 15-1-2005 (Lent Easter) missing 16-1-2006 (Lent /Easter)
13-2-2003 (Pentecost Summer) electronic copy missing 14-2-2004 (Pentecost Summer) electronic copy missing 15-2-2005 (Pentecost /Summer) 16-2-2006 (Pentecost Summer) electronic copy missing
13-3-2003 (Pentecost Fall) electronic copy missing 14-3-2004 (Pentecost /Fall) 15-3-2005 (Pentecost/ Fall) 16-3-2006 (Pentecost/ Fall)

13-4-2003 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany)

electronic copy missing

14-4-2004 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany) 15-4-2005 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany) 16-4-2006 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany)