Amnesty International Reach-Out

The Mission and Outreach (MO} committee is introducing a new approach to letter-writing in support of Amnesty International at First-St. Andrew’s. Each month we pick two appeals promoted by Amnesty in support of a variety of human rights causes. You are encouraged to write letters by hand or email. There will also be online and paper petitions that you can sign at times. In addition, we will place paper copies of appeals and petitions in the Atrium that you can pick up and refer to as you write your letters at home.  We would ask that you inform us when you have written a letter by contacting the webmaster and he will pass your message on to Janice Elliott. This will allow us to keep track of the letters written by our congregation and celebrate our successes! We hope that you will support Amnesty International in this new way at FSA and we look forward to hearing about the letters you have written!

February's Suggestions

  1. Belarus: Emil Ostrauko When Emil was 17 he was arrested for a minor, non-violent drug offense. Today, aged 19, his future is in jeopardy as he serves an eight-year prison sentence. Take action and demand he is freed.

  2. Canada: Justice for Grassy Narrows: Justice long overdue for First Nation confronting devastating impacts of mercury poisoning.