The FSA Bulletin Board

Look here for upcoming events that are being promoted within the church & general  admin advisories for the congregation.

The next Book Club

Meeting will be Tues.

Feb 25 at 7:15 in

the Parlour.  The Book

will be The Gown by Jennifer Robson

Plan on attending our first movie night for 2020 on Wed. March 25th at 7pm.  Check out the title on our church bulletin boards.  Come for the movie and stay for fun and stimulating discussion.

Have you filled out your EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM yet?  If not, we encourage you to do so TODAY. Download the form or you can pick up a hard copy in the church office if you do not have a printer. Although completing and returning is voluntary, it is important. If something were to happen to you, we need to have a contact person to call. This could be a family member, a neighbour or a friend. This information will be kept confidential in a locked and secured administrative office here at the church, only to be used in case of an emergency. Terry’s death has taught us all a lot, and this is one of the things that we can do to help be better prepared in case a situation occurs with one of the members of our faith family. Thanks in advance for tending to this important preparation.

Following discussion with the city of London bylaw enforcement department, we have been informed that in,  accordance with the signage on Queens Avenue (at least for the time being), parking is still available on the north side of the street between Colborne and Waterloo.  Your petitioning letters have been re-submitted to the bylaw department.  We are grateful to Ward 13 Councilor, Ariell Kayabaga, for her help with this matter.  If anyone receives a ticket for parking on Sundays on the block in front of the church, please let Heather Locking-Cusolito know.

Read the letter from the Moderator that we received at the time of Terry Head's passing.