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Our Founder


Read Gavin McGregor's biography of the man who founded this church, the Rev. William Proudfoot, William Auld Acquaintance.  Get a sense of the related timeline of events.

Read the commemorative history of St. Andrew's church, Almost a Century, published in1933.

Structural History

Although the current church has been in place over a century, it has gone through many transformations.  Here is a list of the many milestones that have occurred.

1938 - Renovation of Sanctuary rebuilding and relocation of organ in chancel "pit" and pipes to chambers on either side of chancel to provide open chancel with east and west choir stalls facing each other removal of galleries on east and west side walls creation of centre aisle with new pews and chancel paneling on main floor
central pulpit replaced with present side pulpit and lectern installation of present stained glass windows in chancel.

1949 - War memorial stained glass windows dedicated

1955 - Sanctuary redecorated symbols for 12 Apostles, 4 Gospels, Alpha and Omega painted on ceiling, several stained glass memorial windows dedicated

1956 - Present Chapel and Christian Education Building dedicated after 1905 building was gutted and rebuilt

1969 - New Casavant Freres tracker organ installed in balcony of sanctuary and chancel redesigned

1974 - New Casavant Freres organ installed in Chapel

1975 - Ceiling symbols covered with drywall when some plaster fell

1982 - Extensive updating of Christian Education Building and kitchens

1995 - Access addition incorporating chapel and sanctuary entrances, an elevator and new washrooms, installed

1999 - Sanctuary refurbished and ceiling symbols replaced

2005 -" Lower Hall" refurbished and renamed "Proudfoot Hall

Our Ministerial Lineage

first united-1c.jpg

First Presbyterian ("United" after Church Union in 1925)

Rev. William Proudfoot: 1832-1851

Rev. Dr. J.A. Proudfoot: 1851-1889

Rev. Dr. William J. Clark: 1890-1907

Rev. Dr. John G. Inkster: 1907-1913

Rev. Dr. William J. Knox: 1913-1921

Col. The Rev. William Beattie: 1921-1933

Rev. Dr. Moir A.J. Waters: 1933-1937

St. Andrew's Presbyterian ("United" after Church Union in 1925)

Rev. Dr. John Scott: 1850-1875

Rev. James A. Murray: 1875-1894

Rev. Dr. Robert Johnston: 1895-1903

Rev. Dr. James Ross: 1903-1913

Rev. Dr. Donald C. MacGregor: 1914-1936

Rev. Dr. John Y. MacKinnon: 1936-1937

First-St. Andrew's United Church (as of January 1, 1938)

Rev. Dr. Moir A.J. Waters: 1938-1940

Rev. Dr. John Y. MacKinnon: 1938-1951

Rev. W.S. MacLeod: 1941-1942

Rev. D. M. Bishop: 1942-1946

Rev. O.P. Hossie: 1946-1947

Rev.G.A. Cowper-Smith: 1947-1949

Rev. J.S. Gibson: 1949-1958

The Very Rev. Angus J. MacQueen: 1951-1964

Rev. Dr. C.D. McLellan: 1958-1965

Rev. Alexander J. Farquhar: 1964-1980

Rev. Dr. G.B. Gray: 1965-1966

Rev. G. P. Cumming: 1966-1969

Rev. Dr. Moir A.J. Waters: 1969-1972

Rev. D. Parsons: 1971-1973

Rev. I.R. MacKay: 1974-1978

Rev. D.R. Carothers: 1978-1980

Rev. Anthony Gazzard: 1980-1989

Major The Rev. J. Piercey MacLean: 1981-1990

Rev. Dr. Frank Meadows: 1989-2000 (Minister Emeritus: 2006-2011)

Rev. Deborah Carter: 1990-1991

Rev. Catherine Moore: 1992-1998

Rev. Dr. Susan Shelstad: 1997-2011

Rev. Dr. David McKane: 2002-2010, Visitation Minister: 2017- 2021, Pastoral Charge Supervisor & Supply Minister 2020-2021 , Minister Emeritus: 2014-

Rev. Dr. Kate Crawford: 2010-2014

Rev. Tom Hiscock: 2013-2017

Rev. Michelle Down: 2015-2020

Rev. Dr. Joshua Lawrence: 2021-

During Dr. Alex Farquhar's time, 1964-1980, a promotional film for First-St. Andrew's was made.  It tells much about the functions of the church and the numbers of the people involved at the time.  Although the sound is quite muffled, it is worth a look into the past of this great London church.  

If you're a serious history buff, you might want to check out the First-St. Andrew's Archive Collection at Western.  Link here to get a listing of their FSA holdings.

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