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...harnessing our purchasing power  to provide important financial support to our  church.

Grocery store card profits are: 6% for Loblaws and related stores (No Frills, ValuMart, Shoppers Drug Mart); 6% for Sobeys and related stores (Freshco, Foodland, Thrifty); 6% for Ungers; 5.8% for Remark Fresh Markets; 4.8% for Farm Boy; 4% for Metro (Food Basics). These cards alone provide over 80% of the profits for the church.

Purchase gift cards at the church office from Kathryn…..Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 3pm and, at the Shopping Card desk . . . Sunday 9:30am - 12:00pm....if that fits your schedule. We also offer home delivery. You can place your orders by emailing  for home delivery. We are well stocked with cards, especially grocery store cards, and we want your business!

Grocery store and other retailers offer high discounts to FSA to buy their shopping / gift cards in bulk for fund raising purposes. For them, they benefit by having their stores promoted to our members and friends. Our members get full value for their purchases with the church profiting from this discount. This is the largest fundraiser for the church itself. Clearly a win for them ….a win for us!

When giving gifts to celebrate special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas, buy gift cards for Shoppers Drug Mart….or Chapters/Indigo …..or Winners ……or your favourite restaurant and give them to your family and friends.


Here is a game changer ……. Buy a grocery store card and use it to buy a gift card on their gift card kiosk. They offer a much wider range of cards including local retailers and local restaurants that we cannot stock. FSA makes up to 6% on that grocery store card and there is more selection available to you.

Check out what cards are available for purchase below:

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