Buying shopping and gift cards from FSA is the same as buying cards at any store where you see racks of various cards to purchase. The difference is that the church makes a profit if you buy through us.


  • We purchase cards directly from Loblaws, Sobeys and Ungers. Cards for other retailers are purchased through AVGEN (a card distributor). FSA immediately is reimbursed the percentage assigned to each card. For example, when we buy a $100.00 Loblaws card, FSA pays Loblaws $94.00 and FSA keeps the $6.00 profit when that card is purchased by a member of our church. We are currently receiving a profit averaging 4.3% of the value of all cards purchased by our members.

  • We accept only cash, cheque and debit card payments for Shopping Card purchases. We do not accept credit cards because the transactional charge significantly erodes the profit coming back to the church.

  • If you spend a portion of the amount on your card, the remaining amount stays on the card

  • When you have used the entire amount on the card, you need to buy another card. Cards are not reactivated.

  • You can still receive your reward points from your store.

  • We stock many popular cards so you can buy them and pay for them on the spot.

You can always get and fill in an order form at our table in the Atrium before worship service and at C & C after service. Like to plan ahead? Then download an order form and complete it at home. Then bring it in to the Shopping and Gift Card table on Sunday or bring it into the office during the week.  What could be more convenient?