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Church Council requires branding to be applied to all documents related to First-St. Andrew's, its constituent organizations and to public notices and posters of its events.

If in doubt about branding, submit your formatted copy to the Communications & Marketing Team and have them set up the document for you.



  • There are many variations to the FSA logo, the At the Heart Logo, and the Music at First-St. Andrew's logo.  The get the exact version that you need contact the Kindly Old Webmaster. Note: When applying a logo to your document please make sure to maintain proportions

  • NEW: The K.O.W. can now provide you with a logo for "Faith, Service and the Arts" to brand your special event.

  • NEW: FSA logo with the Affirm logo integrated. Contact the K.O.W.




  • Letter: one page, header only: Word file

  • Letter: one page, header and footer: Word file

  • Letter: multi-page, first page: header and footer, subsequent pages: footer but no header: Word file

  • NEW: Letterhead with the FSA logo and the Affirm logo integrated: Word File


To produce something with branded letterhead, hit the link on an the appropriate Word document, and, after you get the option, click on OPEN. Presto! You should be ready to create your document, complete with appropriate branded letterhead. Make sure you "enable editing" from the little prompt at the top of your Word screen.


For general text in posters and documents etc., "Ariel" is recommended ("Helvetica" for Mac computers). The font sets listed below are used within the logo and are not recommended for general use. Should you need to use them in some complementary fashion with the logo, however, you can get either of the font sets by opening the link below and, when prompted, click on "Save." Then go to the location on your hard drive where you saved the zipped file and unzip.




For most purposes, black text on white is recommended for maximum legibility. Text can be colourized, however, using "FSA Blue" which is defined as

Pantone (PMS): 541
RGB: 0-70-127 (00467F)
CMYK: 100/57/0/38
Hex: #00467f

For graphics (poster elements etc.) which are not directly related to logo items, other colours are permissible.

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