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FAQ: How can I arrange a baptism?


Do I qualify?

You don't have to be a member of First-St. Andrew's do be baptised or to have your child baptised here. We do expect that you identify as an adherent of the Christian faith and agree to abide by the vows that you will make during the sacrament. We are open to working with all kinds of families responsible for the nurture of a young child.

Is there an associated fee?

There is no fee. You will receive a Baptismal certificate and a token gift from the congregation at FSA to memorialize the event. Of course, we would welcome you and your family to return in the future and take an active part in our church life.

How can I/we prepare for the event?

If you are interested in Baptism for yourself or your child we advise you to get in touch with us at so that the minister can arrange an appointment with you to talk about what is entailed and answer any questions you might have. If you then decide to go ahead, you will be invited to attend a rehearsal of the sacrament at a convenient time prior to the Sunday worship service when the sacrament will take place. Your children are welcome to come with you to both these preparatory events

What about godparents?

The role of godparents in the United Church of Canada has traditionally been filled by the whole congregation. However, some parents or candidates may choose to call upon the support of special family members and friends to be sponsors or godparents. This is quite acceptable and the minister will share with you how they can be incorporated into the sacrament. Godparents also make good photographers and we do not prohibit pictures during this part of the Worship Service.

What about selecting a date?

The celebration of baptism is normally part of our Sunday worship service. We schedule baptism services approximately four times a year and the minister will inform you of those tentative dates. If you or your loved ones cannot fit into this schedule, the date is negotiable, however. If you have not worshipped with us before, we strongly recommend that you consider attending worship ahead of your planned baptism date in order to become familiar with the building, the service and our congregation. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome while you are with us.

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