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FAQ: What do I need to know about renting church space?


Are there restrictions on who can rent space?

There are two categories for renters:


A. Members/adherents of FSA, church organizations and designated outreach* groups may use church facilities for little or no charge. However, exceptional fees (which may be dependent on duration of rental) could include:

  1. the cost of a custodian for set-ups and cleanup.

  2. security costs

  3. a minimum set-up fee for certain events, like small recitals.

  4. There are also occasions when FSA members/adherents use a room for a small non-church gathering and we ask that an appropriate donation to the church be made.

*An outreach activity (or group) is related to work deemed to encourage/support the mission of First-St. Andrew's United Church as determined by the Property Committee

B. Individuals and organizations with no direct association with the church pay a very reasonable charge based on the type of usage**. For this group there may be additional costs for

  1. providing entrance access

  2. security

  3. use of church-owned furniture and equipment

  4. cleaning, etc.

**Profit vs. not-for-profit utilization will be taken into account when fees are levied.

What About Weddings & Funerals?

For information specific to weddings and funerals see the relevant FAQ pages.

What spaces are availabe for rent?

We offer a variety of spaces that can be "mixed and matched" for your event.  Take a moment to look below. 

Sanctuary:  Seats approximately 500.

Full sound system available

Chapel: Flexible space for small meetings and events.

Proudfoot Hall: Flexible space for meetings, receptions, musical events and accessible by elevator

Kitchen: Off of Proudfoot Hall.  Ideal

work area for catered events.  Handy to

outdoor offloading.

Parlour: Ideal for small famiy gatherings, or "green room" functions.

Atrium: Ideal "crush" area for intermission displays, refreshments, displays, etc.

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