COMMITTEE REPORTS for the November Meeting of Council






Worship Committee Report

With the tireless efforts of the Rev. Dr. David McKane and  the Rev. Ann Corbet, and the amazing musical repertoire of Erich Knapp and vocal and instrumental musicians—week by week, adjusting to COVID restrictions has moved to in -sanctuary services, recognizing that we may have to revert again to on-line given rising disease rates. The fidelity of the congregation in adjusting to a changing and challenging style of worship is praise-worthy, to say the least.



Christian Development Committee Report

The CD program, under the leadership of Allyson Watson, continues to show remarkable creativity in mounting  on-line and out-door lessons and activities for all age groups in the age of COVID. Volunteers have been extremely generous in lending their time and talent throughout all of these months. The Committee plans week by week, and event by event, depending on varying COVID restrictions—looking forward to a time when it is possible for all age groups to meet in person again.



Music Committee Report


The Music Committee met on October 27, 2020 by zoom.  Doug Jones, co-chair of the Board of Trustees, attended this meeting.  The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the consolidation of two of the Music Trust funds and donations received in memory of Terry Head, which might potentially be invested into a Terry Head Memorial Fund. The Board of Trustees had been asked by BMO Nesbitt Burns (NB) to determine if there is an opportunity to consolidate or at least not to increase the number of accounts.  There are 12 FSA accounts at present invested by BMO NB and they have requested that the number of accounts be reduced, which will save on the cost overall.  This is one reason for not creating a new account for a Terry Head Memorial Fund.



The funds being consolidated are the Dr. Elmer Butt Shekinah Fund, the Clark Wilson Fund and donations received in memory of Terry Head. 


We agreed to consolidate the funds and the terms of reference would stay much the same as before.  The preface to the terms of reference includes the background of each of the three funds.  The descriptions of the Butt and Wilson Funds are the same as previously stated and finalized in 2018 and 2019 respectively.


The following motion is being brought forward to Council by the Music Committee.


The Music Committee moves to merge the Dr. Elmer Butt Shekinah Fund, the Clark Wilson Fund and the Terry Head Memorial Fund into a new Trust Fund and requests the Trustees to take over the management of the new fund which we designate the "Music Fund". 



Once the Terry Head money is invested in a Trust Fund, it will meet the conditions to be recognized as a legacy and a leaf can be placed on the Memorial Tree in the Atrium in Terry's memory.  This would be done during Legacy Sunday, May 2, 2021.


When monies are used from this fund, all the contributing funds will be acknowledged, for example, in worship services and concerts.  As well, tracking will be kept based on the percentage of each fund that has been used.

Mission & Outreach Report

M&N met in person for the first time since February on November 11, 2020. The Committee’s responsibility for pastoral care has continued uninterrupted for the most part, thanks to the work of Rev David McKane, Dr. Jo Ann Silcox, the Caring Callers and the Prayer Chain under the leadership of Annabelle Logan, and the Ministry of letter writing to people experiencing loss or bereavement ably undertaken by Gerry Meacham.


Other branches of our pastoral care do, however, need rejuvenation. We are actively looking for volunteers to replenish our lay visitation team in preparation for the time when we can visit people in person as well as by phone. We are also looking for people willing and able to drive congregants to Church on Sundays.


In addition, with the departure of several members of the Affirm Committee we are recruiting new members to participate in this important committee.


On a positive note we are happy to report that Don Jones, new chair of the Archives Committee, has been very busy assembling his action plan and will conduct his first meeting with his team this week.

Given the restrictions of COVID we have placed two other projects on the back burner:

  • A survey of the congregation to obtain feedback regarding their thoughts about a Time and Talent Award suggested by Trustees in the Spring.

  • The Open Sanctuary project.


Finance Committee Report

In September, the Finance Committee completed a year-end forecast, using our actual financial position as of August 31 and revised fall revenue and expense projections.

Our forecast indicates that we will incur a deficit at least $24,000 higher than was anticipated in the 2020 budget. Although some expenses were lower than anticipated, rental income was significantly reduced because of COVID-19 restrictions, which, as you know, led to closing the church for several months. There are still some activities that are prohibited due to COVID-19, even though the church is open for worship and small meetings. Particularly, rental income from concerts and outside choirs will be lost - likely for some time, given the strength of the “second wave” of COVID-19.


On the plus side: Members maintained their pledged givings during the pandemic. And, one tenant, Meals on Wheels, is deemed an essential service and they continued to operate through the year. Their rental income has been very important to our financial health.


The Federal Government has provided several pandemic-related loans and subsidies to individuals and organizations. FSA has received a $40,000 loan, of which $10,000 is a forgivable grant. The government recently increased the available loan by an additional $20,000. Of the $60,000 total, $20,000 is forgivable. The Federal Government has also provided salary support to allow organizations to cope with lost revenue. With assistance from the United Church of Canada, FSA has received a ten percent subsidy toward salaries of full-time staff for a period of a few months; a subsidy that did not require us to submit any financial data. We are now in the process of assessing our eligibility for a program that would provide an additional salary subsidy, based on specific levels of lost revenue.


First-St. Andrew's will certainly weather the financial difficulties brought about by the pandemic. However, we will have to be careful with our financial decisions going forward. I believe that it is important that Council and the Congregation take a thoughtful, detailed look at the future financial health of FSA. This will require us to consider both current and future income sources (internal and external), as well as staff requirements. It will be a difficult conversation, but one that is imperative.


Our 2021 Stewardship Campaign is currently underway. If you are able, please consider a modest increase in your givings, as you reflect on what First-St. Andrew's means to you. We are so fortunate to have a beautiful sanctuary, dedicated staff, hard-working volunteers and many exciting programs.


Also note that in December we will hold our Annual Christmas Appeal, which was “jump started” by a recent, significant deficit-reduction gift from a long-time member.

MO Committee Report

At our Committee meeting on Nov. 10th we passed our 2021 budget of $500.00.


The Brown Bag group have agreed to take donated food to St. Paul’s.


Christmas Share in support of ELUCO is underway. Shopping Cards from FSA will be donated to ELUCO and distributed to families in need in the Marconi Community in east London.


Ann Corbett will be our Mission Speaker on Mission Sunday, Jan. 10th, 2021.


We discussed how we will attempt to run our meetings and committee without a Chair. We divided duties among committee members.


White Squirrel Golf Tournament 2020

Total amount raised at 2020 Virtual White Squirrel Golf Tournament: $8606.00          


Amount Dispersed:

ELUCO: $4000.00                                                                 

Rothholme: $2500.00

St. Paul’s: $1000.00                                                                                                     

Los Quinchos: $800.00


Remainder will be used for start-up expenses for 2021 golf tournament.    




Katie Glaves, co-chair
Jo Ann Silcox, co-chair
Stephen Adams
Joan Bancroft
Susan McKane
David McKane
David Pederson
Jean Wright
Jane Dockrill, staff
TBD, staff


Kerry Hill, chair

Tristin Hill

Ivana Klouda

Lesley Pergau

Barb Ridgewell

Laura Wood

Heather Vouvalidis, staff


Heather Locking-Cusolito,


Glenna Hall

Annabelle Logan

Gerry Meacham

Deanne Pederson

Jo Ann Silcox

Donna Thompson

TBD, staff



Bruce Moor, chair

Linda Badke
Stuart Eberhard

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
Kathryn Patton
Barb Plante
David Wake

David Wardlaw


Barb Dalrymple, co-chair
Pat Pettit, co-chair
Linda Badke
Marilyn Beach
Janice Elliott
Liz Galbraith
Jan Hendry
Laurel Kenney

Bill Knowles

Laurel Kenney

Donna Thompson

Bob Swartman

TBD, staff


Merran Neville, chair

Jane Archer Smith

Glenda Baldwin

Igor Saika-Voivod

Paul Cooper

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

Ann MacPhail

Janis Wallace

Margaret Wardlaw


George Jolink, chair

Heather Locking-Cusolito

TBD, staff



Steve Elson

Barrie Evans

Kerry Hill, chair

Bob Swartman

Kathryn Patton

TBD, Staff


George Jolink, chair

Ron Bradley

Willis Buckingham

Bill Guthrie, secretary

Peter Ross

Tim Miedema, staff

Heather Vouvalidis, staff


Membership TBD


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

Doug Jones, co-chair

Jackie Williams, co-chair

Paul Cooper

John Eberhard

Janice Elliott

Russ Gonder

Jane Hill

Don Jones

Bob Kennedy

David Manness

Al Salmoni

Jim Silcox

Mary Vernon

Katherine Wonfor

Heather Vouvalidis, staff

+ advisors Kaitlin Norman, Del McLennan, Bob Schram, Michael Cooney


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

To get the names of the current UCW executive, contact the church office


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