COMMITTEE REPORTS for the November Meeting of Council



o    Lightning Cables: A person stole the lightning copper cables at the north fire escape and south west corner of the Sanctuary. Both cables had physical protection removed and were cut off at ground level up to as high as could be reached. London Electric has been notified to repair. An online police report was made and case number 2021-809441 was approved. Security camera pictures were also submitted and video was noted as available.

o    Stained Glass: Roger Chapman met with a few Property Committee Members to discuss the service required for 3 Sanctuary windows. George Jolink submitted a Capital Request for Funds. Sunrise Stained Glass could start the work early 2022 if approved.

o    Progarde Security has been notified of the future Ark Aid program running overnight in Proudfoot Hall. They are now informed of entrances and areas being used should they arrive due to an alarm response.

o    Kitchen Storage Room: London Electric submitted a quote for new electrical outlets. Peter Ross is scheduled to inspect wall renovations to accommodate 2 more freezers in this room from the stage.

o    Devatree Closet: George Jolink will contact Devatree to request they vacate the storage closet in the basement Fireside hallway.

o    Basement door locks: Siroski Doors is scheduled to inspect the basement doors that require locks to secure the areas for the Ark Aid program. This will include a accordion door to restrict access to the Sanctuary at the Music Director west entrance.

o    New tree planting: The City of London notified FSA that a new tree will be planted on the west side of FSA property to replace the tree cut down in the spring.

o    HealthMate + Plus HM450 Standard HEPA Air Purifier: 3 units have been ordered.

o    Exterior Water Valves: Shut off and hoses stored in shed for winter.


  • The Worship Committee met by Zoom with Pastor Joshua this evening to map out the services until the end of December 2021.

  • Catherine Charlton continues to ensure that Narthex Coordinators are appointed for each month.

  • Joan Bancroft likewise has solicited monthly Scripture reader coordinators. There will be an attempt to incorporate youth wherever possible.

  • Special services going forward include Anniversary Sunday, Red Scarf Sunday, Lessons and Carols, and two services on Christmas Eve.

  • We are grateful to Jim Silcox for coordinating Banners, the AV Team and Slide Show each week, and Tidings coverage.


The financial status of First-St. Andrew’s remains relatively healthy as we come to the end of the year. Although revenues were below budget at the end of October, the seasonal uptick in November and December should leave us in good shape by year end. Rental revenue has suffered because of the pandemic; however, strong gift card sales and government Covid support programs have helped considerably in keeping us on an even keel.


Thanks to David Manness’s great work, gift cards are ahead of budget. In October, we applied for a further federal government salary support payment of $4.600. Some have asked recently about the federal loan program that we participated in: we have received a total loan of $60,000 (in installments of $40,000 and $20,000), of which $20,000 is a forgivable grant. The remaining $40,000 must be repaid by December 2022. The salary support program is being phased out, so we will need to restore former and new sources of revenue going forward.


The Fall Stewardship Campaign is a quiet one this year. We have not scheduled a stewardship Sunday.  However,  we will provide a mail out and pledge forms as usual.


Also coming up is our annual Christmas appeal, in which we ask members to help end our year with a strong financial push by making an “extra” donation.


  • Budget Planning: The Music committee met on zoom on Thursday, November 11 for a budget planning meeting.  

  • FSA Chamber Choir: The Chamber Choir will be joined by members of the Senior Choir to sing on hymns/carols for the Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, November 28.  This will be the first time that Senior Choir members are back since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.  They will be sitting in the front section of the balcony.  Anthems will continue to be sung by the Chamber Choir only.  The plan is to continue this arrangement through Advent. 

  • Laudamus Bells: The Laudamus Bells, directed by Richard Frank, played two selections in the November 14 service and will ring again on November 28 for Lessons and Carols.  This has been a good season for the bells who are greatly enjoying Richard’s leadership.  Our two new ringers, Lynda Kennedy and Marilyn Norman, joined the bells this past month.  We are grateful to KC Cann who assisted recently in two services. 

  • FSA Strings: The FSA Strings, under director Igor Saika-Voivod, will be giving a one-hour concert on Wednesday, November 24 at 7:30pm.  Jim Silcox has designed a poster for this concert which is on display in the Atrium near the doors into the sanctuary.  Handbills are also available.  The concert is free admission. 

  • Search for Director of Music: The search committee has now interviewed four candidates on zoom and will be starting the final round with in-person meetings soon.  The committee is pleased that this is now possible and will help greatly in the decision-making process.  While maintaining the high level of music leadership and performance that FSA has enjoyed for generations, the music leadership provided for the children and youth is a high priority.  Finding a person who is a good fit with the current staffing is also very important.  Committee members are Stephen Adams, Sonja Gustafson, Ardath Finnbogason-Hill, Lynda Kennedy, Merran Neville and Chris Wood (Chair). 



The past month has seen an uptick in visits, both on site (at FSA) and at homes. This corresponds to my Year One priority of getting to know the membership of FSA. The church retreat at the Lamplighter Inn also helped me to hear stories and appreciate the broad and interesting context of the membership. I have continued building relationships with clergy colleagues (Christian and other faiths) and have begun to imagine collaborative projects going forward. Finally, there remains the process of the family familiarizing ourselves with rhythms and processes in Ontario and Canada.

Membership and Nurture

I spent one-on-one time with approximately 12 families/individuals this month. These were specifically pastoral care opportunities, though they ranged from acute care concerning an event/illness to general “get-to-know-you" visits.

I have also spent considerable time on the phone with individuals and have developed a regular correspondence with others through email.

I attended a film showing during the Forest City Film Festival with members of the Brown Bag Luncheon group.

In addition to these pastoral care activities, I have arranged a monthly worship service (3rd Sunday of the month) at Richmond Woods Retirement Living, due in large part to the large number of FSA members who currently reside there. However, as should be obvious, the service is an attempt to support all Richmond Woods residents, not just those affiliated with FSA.

Mission and Outreach

I have spent considerable time reaching out to all members of London’s religious community, including but not limited to the Muslim and Jewish community. These have culminated in Zoom meetings, with in-person meet-ups scheduled. Of course, these interactions were deepened by the Covenanting Service held at FSA on October 24.

Additionally, I have participated in advocacy through contact of my MP and MPP, on behalf of individuals and communities in London. And I will be joining with religious and civil leaders on November 20 for the Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony.

I have also made contact with leadership in Black Lives Matter-London and the N’Amerind Friendship Center of London. The hope is that these relationships will enhance not only our missional activity in the London area but also be integrated into our worship offering.

Finally, I have been present for the development of a relationship between FSA and Ark Aid Street Mission, particularly by way of a covenant that would allow for a number of unhoused persons to have shelter in Proudfoot Hall during the winter months. More details will be discussed by Council and other leadership bodies at FSA, but I have also requested that Ark Aid leadership spend time with other groups, including but not limited to Bible Study and Senior High Youth (the “God Squad”). Additionally, Sarah Campbell, the Executive Director of Ark Aid, will speak at the Dec 12 Worship Service at FSA.


I continue to gain insight and support from Viki Meredith, Paul Merritt, and the entire Worship Committee. Together, I believe we have created wonderful worship opportunities that are also in compliance with COVID protocols. Additionally, the Worship Committee is planning with me 2-3 months out so as to avoid those anxiety-provoking last-minute preparations. Of course, those will always occur, but we are attempting to minimze them. We all trust that with the recommendation and selection of a Music Minister and a Youth and Young Adults Minister (Joint Position shared with Metropolitan UCC and Siloam UCC), our planning will become more innovative and far-reaching.


Beyond those committees I have mentioned here, I seek to develop a strong relationship with the work of the Trustees of FSA and the Long-Term Giving team, whose initiatives have given us both Legacy and Proudfoot Society recognition opportunities, that will hopefully provide for future mission and creative growth at FSA.

Together with others at FSA, I will be participating in the United Fresh Start modules and hope to build even stronger relationships with our congregational leaders. Much excitement came from the retreat, and I hope to collaborate in building on that momentum.




Jo Ann Silcox, chair
Stephen Adams
Joan Bancroft
Susan McKane
David Pederson
Jean Wright

Catherine Charlton
David McKane

Rev. Lawrence, staff


Kerry Hill, chair

Tristin Hill

Ivana Klouda

Lesley Pergau

Barb Ridgewell

Laura Wood


Heather Locking-Cusolito,


Glenna Hall

Annabelle Logan

Gerry Meacham

Deanne Pederson

Jo Ann Silcox

Donna Thompson

Rev. Lawrence, staff



Bruce Moor, chair

Linda Badke
Stuart Eberhard

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
Kathryn Patton

David Wardlaw

Barrie Evans


Kerry Hill, chair

Barb Dalrymple
Pat Pettit,
Linda Badke
Marilyn Beach
Janice Elliott
Liz Galbraith

Natasha Roberts
Jan Hendry
Bill Knowles

Laurel Kenney

Donna Thompson

Rev. Lawrence, staff


Merran Neville, chair

Jane Archer Smith

Glenda Baldwin

Igor Saika-Voivod

Paul Cooper

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

Ann MacPhail

Janis Wallace

Margaret Wardlaw

TBA, staff


Allyson Watson, chair

Heather Lake

Katie Glaves

Christina Lindsay

Kathryn Skelly

Elizabeth Stewart, staff



Steve Elson

Barrie Evans

Kerry Hill, chair

Bob Swartman

Kathryn Patton

Rev. Lawrence, Staff


George Jolink, chair

Ron Bradley

Bill Guthrie, secretary

Peter Ross

Tim Miedema, staff

TBA, staff


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

Paul Cooper, co-chair

Jackie Williams, co-chair

John Eberhard

Janice Elliott

Russ Gonder

Doug Jones

Don Jones

Bob Kennedy

David Manness

Al Salmoni

Jim Silcox

Mary Vernon

Jean Wright

TBA, staff

+ advisors Kaitlin Norman, Del McLennan, Bob Schram, Michael Cooney


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

To get the names of the current UCW executive, contact the church office


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