By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. The current chair is Steve Elson, and the secretary is Katherine Wonfor. Council membership also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to the Regional Council, the Director of Music, the Coordinator of Youth and Young Families, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, and the Church Administrator (ex officio). Council also has ad hoc committees: The Planning Committee and  the Jean Brown Fund Committee. Current membership of the latter includes Katie Glaves, Merran Neville, David Manness, Ian Wright, Christina Lindsay, Kerry Hill and Jane Dockrill.


Council Committees

Faith Development

January Report

Katie Glaves, chair
Jo Ann Silcox, co-chair
Stephen Adams
Joan Bancroft
Michael Feeney
Heather Lake
Susan McKane
David McKane
David Pederson
Jim Silcox, secretary
Jean Wright
Jane Dockrill, staff
Rev. Michelle Down, staff
Terry Head, staff

  • Christian Education and Worship Committees met conjointly on January 14, 2020, exploring the following issues:

  • STAFFING NEEDS: In light of the death of the former Director Music and the now extended sick leave of the Youth and Young Families Minister, the committee agreed to urge M & P to move towards advertising the former as a permanent position and the latter as a 6-month contract (with appropriate attached job descriptions to be approved by Council and the AGM) as quickly as possible.


  • i)MUSIC: The Music Committee will continue to work on determining which of the many initiatives planned by Terry Head can be carried out and which need to be modified.

  • ii)CE: We are actively seeking volunteers to help teach Sunday School to relieve a currently very small number of over-worked congregational members.

  • iii)WORSHIP: Rev. Dr. David McKane has graciously offered to continue to lead and/or assist in Worship over the next six months, as he has over the past 2 months, in collaboration with Rev. Michelle Down. Rev. Ann Corbet will be asked again to provide pulpit supply, as she is able, when neither Michelle nor David are available.

  • iv)CONJOINT INTRA-CONGREGATONAL EVENTS: It is likely that both the Pancake Supper and the Big Circle Breakfast tradition will be given a sabbatical this year until renewal both of staffing and volunteers can be established.In a similar fashion Camp Kee Mo Kee will be offered as a CE event for youth and families on the weekend of June 7th—leaving room for those who wish on that same day to attend the White Squirrel event—and that Sunday worship will occur not at camp but at FSA.

  • NEW MEMBERS: ONE Adult new member (Donna Thompson) will be received on January 19 and EIGHT Confirmands on February 16th.Ongoing efforts to ensure opportunities for integration into the fellowship of the congregation will be explored.

  • BUDGET: A budget request of $8000.00 (as per previous years) was made to the Jean Brown Fund to support CE ministries—key to the future of the church.

  • COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP:For a variety of reasons the committee has diminished in size since the decision function as conjoint Faith Development Committee. We agreed that we needed to approach those no longer attending, recruit interested new members and determine where a committee of the whole concept required review and or revision.


January Report

Kerry Hill, chair
Tristin Hill
Ivana Klouda
Lesley Pergau
Kerry Stover
Laura Wood
Heather Vouvalidis, staff

Membership &


Heather Locking-Cusolito, chair
Glenna Hall
Annabelle Logan
Gerry Meacham
Deanne Pederson
Glenda Robinson
Jo Ann Silcox
Donna Thompson
Rev. Michelle Down, staff

January Report

Ministry & Personnel

January Report

Bruce Moor, chair

Linda Badke
Stuart Eberhard
Kathryn Patton
Barb Plante
David Wake

Mission & Outreach

January Report

Barb Dalrymple, co chair
Pat Pettit, co chair
Linda Badke
Marilyn Beach
Janice Elliott
Liz Galbraith
Jan Hendry
Laurel Kenney


Merran Neville, chair
Jane Archer-Smith
Glenda Baldwin
Igor Saika-Voivod
Paul Cooper
Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
Ann MacPhail
Janis Wallace
Margaret Wardlaw
Terry Head, staff

January Report


January Report

Bob Swartman, chair
Glenda Baldwin
Michael Feeney
Bob Kennedy
Heather Locking-Cusolito
Rev. Michelle Down, staff


Steve Elson, Chair

Michelle Down

Barrie Evans

Kerry Hill

Nancy Johnson

Kathryn Patton

Bob Swartman

January Report


January Report

George Jolink, chair
Sandra Black-Evans
Ron Bradley
Willis Buckingham
Bill Guthrie, secretary
Peter Ross
Tim Miedema, staff
Heather Vouvalidis, staff


January Report

Doug Jones (co-chair)

Bill Peel (co-chair)

Paul Cooper

John Eberhard

Janice Elliott

Russ Gonder

Jane Hill

Don Jones

Bob Kennedy

David Manness

Jim Silcox

Mary Vernon

Jackie Williams

Katherine Wonfor

Michelle Down (staff)


January Report

To get the names of the current UCW executive, contact the church office