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COMMITTEE REPORTS for the January Meeting of Council

Report from the Minister of Worship and Congregational Life

Synopsis: Sadly, these past two months have contained a number of losses at First-St. Andrew’s United, in addition to the ongoing violence in the world that occupies us as a peacemaking community of faith. At times, it has been quite difficult—as a staff team—to show up as enthusiastic as we might like. However, in the midst of deep sadness we have found moments of joy and possibility, especially around the growing number of young people who are finding a space of extravagant hospitality at FSA. We are also blessed with a number of veteran leaders who clearly demonstrate the willingness to lean into radical change and are currently helping to incorporate practices of flexibility and agility into our operations as a community of faith. I am as hopeful as ever as I walk into my third year of ministry in this amazing community.

Staff Concerns and Celebrations: The staff continues to be grateful for the consistent support of the church concerning the acquisition and incorporation of structural supports necessary to a healthy, well-functioning organization. We are managing to remain consistent with our once per month staff meeting, but of course we as a team are communicating with one another throughout every week. As a result, I think it is safe to say that we are more aligned than ever. While there will continue to be adjustments and experimentation with better practices, we are all quite confident in the path being cultivated at the present time. As a slight change to my usual format here, I am including a customized description of basic interactions with each staff person to better communicate our work as it concerns the ministry of FSA.

  1. Office Manager: Kathryn Skelly speak quite frequently about scheduling, formatting of worship services and a host of other matters that affect the day-to-day operations at FSA.

  2. Minister of Music: Chris Fischer meet at least once per week as it concerns the content of worship as well as special events/services in which we will be participating or for which we have agreed to provide space. Examples include Interfaith Service for World Religions Day (Jan 21st at 6 pm), special musical guest Denise Pelley (Feb 4th-Morning Worship), London Gospel Collective and London Kids Community Gospel Choir (Feb 4th at 6 pm), etc.

  3. Youth and Young Adults Minister: I confer with Marilyn frequently about possibilities for active support in the education and mentorship of youth and young adults. I am participating in the Confirmation Class for 2024, and we are together working on the end of school year retreat at Camp Kee-Mo-Kee.

  4. Children’s Ministry: Christina Lindsay and I meet for programming vision and to insure that my themes and those of the children’s lessons are aligned (as closely as possible). We are also always looking for ways to make our services for integrative of children and young people.

  5. Pastoral Care Minister: Annie Jannaway and I meet approximately once per month to go over priority visits, but we also email one another for referrals and in order to share information that will help us meet the spiritual needs of our community.

Internal Interventions: Our Lenten Bible Study will begin on Feb 15th, but I have amended the curriculum. Instead of a text on pastoral care, we will explore the Bible through the lens of Wil Gafney’s Woman’s Lectionary (Year A), which should prove fruitful for our group’s re-imagining of Christian practice and belief. As a staff team, we hope to build in more social opportunities as well, connected to the seasons of the Church, including but not limited to a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner, a breakfast on Palm Sunday, etc. We also remain committed to creating more inter-generational opportunities, not just in worship but with all FSA initiated activities

Shared Youth and Young Adults

Confirmation-FSA has five young people who are part of the confirmation program. During worship, we introduced them and their mentors on Sunday, January 7, and presented them with a Bible to use throughout the program and have as a keepsake. Our first gathering followed worship, where we shared in icebreaker activities, shared and learned a bit about our faith and our faith journeys and learned a bit about the Trinity. Our next gathering will be on January 21, where they are invited to the Interfaith worship at FSA, which will help them learn about different faiths. We will gather following that worship for a debriefing session.


Camp Connections—This is the name we are using to brand our summer camps that we will continue to lead this summer.  We are expanding our day camp ministry once again this summer to include more camps and offer alternative opportunities that each congregation is looking for. The ages for the camps are JK-Gr. 6. These opportunities are dependent on the success of the Canada Summer Jobs grant, which we will know about hopefully by the end of April.  

FSA will offer 2 weeks of camp from 9 am-4 pm on July 22-26 and August 6-9. 


Metropolitan will offer 2 or 3  one day stand-alone camps the week of July 15-18th and a few others in the summer. They have also asked that summer camp be offered during the summer worship services (in place of Sunday school). We did this last year, with 2 of our SALT (Summer Adventure Leadership Team) rotating Sunday mornings during their employment.


Siloam will offer a full week camp July 8-12 and 2-3 stand-alone camps the week of July 29-August 2nd.


These stand-alone camps will be planned during the staff training week. We offered some of these last year, and families really appreciated the opportunity to choose a few days that suited their needs.


SALT (Summer Adventure Leadership Team)- Our hope is that with our Canada Summer Jobs Grant ( I applied for 1 team leader and 6 youth coordinators), they will plan and implement these summer camps. They will also be planning other children, youth, young adults, and intergenerational events for people to enjoy throughout the summer.


During the first week of July, there is staff training. We will offer leadership training for Gr. 7-9 for a day or two for those youth who want to volunteer with the camps.


 Intergenerational Trivia and Potluck Snacks- All churches will be invited to this at FSA on Saturday, February 10 from 2:00-4:30 pm for trivia and snacks. Please spread the word to friends, family, and other communities in which you are involved.


Camp Kee-Mo-Kee Retreat- On May 31-June 1, a youth retreat (Gr. 5-High school) and then on Saturday afternoon, June 1, all ages are invited to come for the day(s) or stay overnight. Please spread the word, and more details will follow.

Faith Formation

Christmas Eve Service:

  • Positive: Intergenerational, worked well, fun, good feeling, cider and shortbread, a real “gathering in”

  • Issues: Mics didn’t work as well as they might have, needed individual communion package that couldn’t be found, offering plates needed to be available, some had concerns about intinction.

  • Allyson has not received all the feedback surveys so they will be discussed at Feb’s meeting

  • People missed having options of early Sunday or late services.


  • A great turnout for the first evening (18-20)

  • The number of younger children (under age 8) might mean some customizing of the process

  • Natasha has volunteered to help with mealtime

  • More focus to go on the menu for dinner – a couple of simple entrees that rotate week to week

  • Perhaps a musical might be planned for the spring

Scripture readers

  • Identification of pronouns be done on a voluntarily basis and not part of Chris L.’s children’s time

  • Allyson will write a piece for the eblast with some educational points about the introduction of the idea of identifying pronouns.

  • Karen L.’s brochure on the topic might be useful

  • Concern about intinction in this season of COVID and flu – perhaps return to individual communion kits


  • Feb 18 is the next scheduled communion -Ardath F-H and Kerry H will be in charge in Jan H.’s absence.

  • Morphed into a discussion about re-introducing the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper (Feb.13)

  • Schedule our dinner after El Sistema is finished with Proudfoot Hall and the Kitchen (5:45-6ish)

  • Allyson is willing to do some planning. Perhaps the Brown Baggers might help with cooking

Katie Glaves introduced the idea of a Senior’s “club” that might be offered to the seniors of the congregation. This might include entertainment, a simple lunch, activities of some kind.

  • Co-op students (Ots) might be offered this opportunity as a project

  • Annie J. might take on a role as part of her Pastoral Care role (Katie will approach her)

  • Ideas will be gathered as and dreaming will progress – further discussion next month

Marilyn (Youth and Young Adults)

  • Affirmed the intergenerational focus of recent activities at FSA

  • Confirmation process has begun and a good first session occurred. Sunday meeting time seems to be good – is there $ for lunch? Allyson and Marilyn will discuss

  • Applications have been made for grants to fund 2 weeks of summer camp staffing (July 15 & 22)

  • May 31 scheduled for a weekend at Camp Kee-Mo-Kee. Junior and high school youth will be invited with Saturday and Sunday activities offered for families and an overnight option.

Paper-free Sunday Bulletin

  • Suggestion that we only print a limited number of bulletins (some large print) in an effort to save on waste paper etc. and encourage people to use the screen

  • Joshua will introduce this idea for a couple of Sundays as we try out the idea

  • Perhaps develop a sign-up sheet for those who wish to have a printed bulletin on a regular basis so that they can be assured of getting one.

Naming this committee

  • Katie G made a motion  and seconded by Jean W. that the two committees – Christian Development and Worship) continue to meet and work together under the name  "Faith Formation Committee

  • Allyson will take this motion to the next Council meeting.

David McKane closed in prayer.


  1. The Music Committee is hosting Coffee & Conversation in January.

  2. Upcoming Concerts in February

    1. Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:00pm – London Gospel Collective and the London Kids Community Gospel Choir

    2. Sunday, Feb. 18 at 3:00pm – RCCO recital with American organist Gail Archer to benefit Ukraine

    3. Sunday, Feb. 25 at 3:00pm - Gabriel Fauré Anniversary Concert – performers Sonja Gustafson, soprano; Francesca Ranalli, mezzo soprano; Chris Wood, tenor; Alastair Smyth, bass; Chris Fischer, piano

  3. Report of Parking issues at concerts in December. How best to improve this situation with signage and alternative parking.

  4. Senior Choir - rehearsals resumed Thursday, January 4.

  5. Laudamus Bells - rehearsals resumed Monday, January 8.

  6. Treblemakers (5:00-6:15pm) and ReBELLS (6:15-7:00pm) started on Monday, January 8. Treblemakers is a music program for children ages 5 and up and ReBELLS is for ages grades 3 and up. The program includes dinner for the whole family. The fee for the session is $75 to cover food costs.


  • The Christmas Share brought in $3,760. (Up from $2,880. last year) for ELUCO families.  Nancy purchased mostly grocery store gift cards to enable families to purchase groceries, clothes, toys, etc.  A great response from our caring congregation.

  • The loose offering on Christmas Eve., $276. was sent to Ark Aid.

Membership and Nurture  

  • Pastoral care continues to be a major focus for the Committee. Rev. Annie Jannaway made 31 visits and 19 phone calls to members of the congregation in the last month. Rev. Joshua also plans to visit several members of the congregation for pastoral care. The four major volunteer teams (Lay visitation, Caring caller, Prayer chain and letter writing)  provide ongoing support. There have been four deaths of longstanding members of our community of faith in the last little while: Russ Gonder, Nancy Hutchinson, Ruth Butts and Kay Hillier.  They will be missed.

  • We anticipate holding a New Members’ Service in April.  If anyone is aware of potential new members they should let Rev. Joshua know.

  • The scheduling of each Council Committee for serving Coffee following service on Sunday has gone very smoothly.  Glenna Hall, the coordinator, wishes to thank everyone for their willingness to lead this process.  Thanks are also extended to Jeff Robinson who ran the dishwasher for two months while daughter Zoe was practicing handbells. Now that the handbells have switched to Monday evenings Glenna is looking for volunteers to run the dishwasher for a month at a time so that we can avoid going back to paper cups.

  • Plans for the new Photo Directory are underway. Lillian Reid, Glenna Hall and Heather Locking-Cusolito will be meeting shortly to begin planning the logistics.  We anticipate the need for a number of volunteers. The photo sessions are currently being planned for the week of March 19, with additional sessions scheduled for April 19 and 20. Stay tuned.


 Property Committee has agreed to cover the Facilities Manager duties for the interim in order to assist with budgetary restraints for the coming year. 

  • Boiler has been running well.  Current projects either completed or in process include:

  • Repairs to Atrium door, work scheduled for Jan 22

  • LED bulb replacement for Sanctuary Pendants, lighting in UCW Storage and Office Storage – scheduled   Minor electrical repairs – completed 

  • Replacement toilet for Sunroom bathroom – a raised toilet was donated and installed. 

  • Water flow issue in parlour still to be addressed

  • Proudfoot kitchen – deep cleaning scheduled for Jan 21

  • Fireside Room flooring replacement – to commence this week, new vinyl flooring to be installed next week

  • Exterior signage to be repaired – collecting quotes

  • Cleaning and organising some storage spaces (UCW storage, Banner Room) – in progress

  • Minor repairs to furnace vent at Farquhar House – completed

  • Replacement weather stripping for exterior doors – in process



The focus of the Fall 2023 Stewardship Campaign was on our close partnerships.


October 29th – El Sistema Aeolian – provided by Steve Elson as Clark Bryan was not available

November 5th – Meals on Wheels London – provided by Devon Mota, Community Development Liaison with MOWL

November 12th Ark Aid Street Mission – provided by Sarah Campbell, Executive Director

November 19th – FSA Children’s Programs – provided by Christina Lindsay

November 26th – Surprise Guest – Rev. William Proudfoot (aka George Jolink)


Throughout the campaign posters and notices advertised the filling out of 2024 pledge forms

Christmas Envelopes were inserted in bulletins throughout December


Upcoming – Lent Stewardship – Theme “Stewardship at Work” – a series of posters will be used – one profiled each week – presented at the beginning of services - and then put up in the sanctuary.

Easter Envelopes will be inserted in the bulletins I the weeks leading up to Easter – i.e. throughout March.





Jo Ann Silcox, co-chair
David McKane

Jean Wright

Michael Feeney

Allyson Watson, co-chair

Katie Glaves

Susan McKane

David Pederson

Kathryn Skelly

Anne Cunningham

Jan Hendry

Carol Riddell-Elson

Christina Lindsay. staff

Marilyn Arthur, staff

Rev. Lawrence, staff


Heather Locking-Cusolito

Glenna Hall

Mary Mattar

Annabelle Logan

Gerry Meacham

Jo Ann Silcox

Donna Thompson

Lillian Reid

Rev. Annie Jannaway, staff

 but reports regularly to it)

Jim Silcox

Kathryn Skelly

Merran Neville

David Wardlaw

Lorna Gunning Fratschko



Kerry Hill, chair

Linda Badke
Stuart Eberhard

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
Margo Christodoulou

Barrie Evans

Kathryn Patton

Barbara Ridgewell


Barb Dalrymple
Pat Pettit,
Linda Badke
Marilyn Beach
Janice Elliott
Liz Galbraith

Natasha Roberts

Jan Hendry
Laurel Kenney

Donna Thompson


Merran Neville, chair

Jane Archer Smith

Glenda Baldwin

Igor Saika-Voivod

Terry Peters

Paul Cooper

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

Ann MacPhail

Janis Wallace

Margaret Wardlaw

Chris Fischer, staff


Steve Elson, chair

Connor Campbell

Shannon Hawke

Barrie Evans

George Jolink

Kathryn Patton

Nancy Johnson

Laura Wood

Rev. Lawrence, staff

+Trustee Liaison members, John Eberhard, David Manness


George Jolink, chair

Heather Vouvalidis

Sandra Black-Evans

Ron Bradley

Bill Guthrie

Peter Ross

Connor Campbell

TBD, staff


Laura Wood, chair, treasurer

Tristin Hill

Ivana Klouda

Doug McGregor

Colleen Garrett, (contract bookkeeper)


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

Paul Cooper, co-chair

Jackie Williams, co-chair

John Eberhard

Janice Elliott

Russ Gonder

Don Jones

Bob Kennedy

David Manness

Al Salmoni

Jim Silcox

Jean Wright

David Wake

Katherine Wonfor

Rev. Lawrence, staff

+ advisors: Kaitlin Norman, Doug Jones, Del McLennan, Bob Schram, Michael Cooney

UCW(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

President: Laurel Kenney

Secretary: Helen Guthrie

Treasurer: Donna Fraleigh

Tidings Rep: Nancy Quinn

Correspondence Secretary: Millie Bates

Archivist: Millie Bates

Membership Convenor: Nancy Quinn

Bazaar Convenor: Glenda Robinson

Rummage Sale Convenor: Jan Hendry

Member at Large: Linda Badke

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