COMMITTEE REPORTS for the June Meeting of Council



The MO Committee is very involved with the ongoing projects :

  • White Squirrel Golf Day (June 11th – 16th Annual)

  • Afghan Refugee Fund Raising Planning

  • Grow-a-Row Campaign

  • Corn Roast Day in September


 At our May meeting Gonzalo Duarte, Director of Companeros, provided an update of the political situation in Nicaragua and the conditions at Los Quinchos School.


June 2022 Facilities Report

o    Alarmtech (not Chubb) completed the installation of the Atrium door camera and (2) office 7" digital colour monitors (Reception and Administrator Offices). November 2018.

§  Chubb installed the access control system which includes the numeric keypad and remote door switches.

§  The camera has been vandalized (scratched). Both monitors have wavy interference.

§  Daymar (took over Alarmtech) is investigating options.

o    Ron Bradley completed various painting projects.

o    A church member had a car window smashed and minor items stolen during a recent Sunday service.

o    George Jolink completed multiple tasks of exterior property maintenance.

o    London Electric

§  Replaced 3 exterior LED light fixtures. These fixtures were installed approximately 7 years ago and are reaching end of life. There are more exterior LED fixtures that may need replacing in the future. New products have a greater life expectancy.

§  Replaced/repaired stolen lighting cables in 4 locations. A large 60' lift was required to reach the cable break on the Sanctuary roof. This will add significant cost to the expense. The new cables at ground level are protected with steel conduit 15' - 20' high.

§ is having trouble locating fibre cables for London Electric to repair the underground lighting cable break on the west side. will do some exploratory digging in the near future.

o    Horizon Solutions

§  Installed hardware, cameras and cables for live streaming

§  Cables run on top of the Proudfoot Hall drop ceiling from the sound room to the balcony through the closet in the Narthex

§  A data cable also runs from the server in the office supply room to the balcony for internet options

§  Replaced the worn 5 button Sanctuary light switch with a 2-button light switch. The new switch previously malfunctioned but has been repaired.

o    Glass Canada

§  Replaced the broken glass pane on the north side due to storm damage.

§  This glass is protection for the stained glass.

§  All trim and fasteners were inspected/replaced to secure the remaining glass panes on that window.

§  Glass fragments were removed from the flat roofs.

§  A ground inspection of all storm windows was also completed.

o    East Parking lot fence replacement

§  The neighbour at 469 Colborne was contacted with regards to the fence sharing our property line.

§  They are willing to contribute $1200 towards the replacement cost.

§  This is approximately 35% of the quotes for fence and tree removal

§  Will get a second fence quote however contractors contacted are booked for the season 

o    4 front railings were removed from the exterior Narthex stage and stored in the shed. This was requested by Barrie Evans for the upcoming outdoor concerts. They can be reinstalled anytime.

o    Meals on Wheels wooden railings leading to their west side door have become unstable due to wood rot. Seeking a contractor to quote on replacement. Consider a metal rail also.

o    Enbridge

§  Replaced gas meter. (regular maintenance)

§  Found deficiencies with existing exterior gas lines. 3" gas pipe has connection fittings rather than welded connections. No longer meets code.

§  They will return to resolve.

§  Natural gas consumption was investigated and found to be lower than previous years

o    The Custodian has completed most of the floor refinishing in the basement. Extra work was required due to the Ark Aid rental.


Since the last Council meeting the Planning Committee has met twice: once on May 26th and again on June 8th. The next meeting will be held during the last week in June – date to be confirmed. The June 8th meeting was our first in-person meeting in a long, long time!

Feasibility Study by Avis

The focus of the May 26th meeting was addressing the feedback received from the Board of Trustees (they met on May 19th) to the request for funds for a feasibility study to support the long-term infrastructure needs of FSA. The Trustees did not approve the request but they did ask for more information and actions on the part of the Planning Committee and this is being addressed. The Committee will report back to the Trustees as soon as possible.

Fanshawe College’s Interior Design Students

On May 26th two students – Stephanie Martinez and Sierra Joyce provided the committee with a report of their work to date. On June 8th these two students plus Hadeel Sinjab presented more details on their work and focus of attention. They are addressing three areas within FSA – the third floor of St. Andrew’s Hall; the Kitchen/Proudfoot Hall area and the Chapel. Their professor, Dr. Mariam Wifi also attended the June 8th meeting. The last meeting with the students will take place at the end of June and at this time they will present their final reports to the committee.

Child Care Option

One of the optional uses of FSA, and one for which we are currently zoned, involves the provision of child care. Steps have been taken to connect with the YMCA (a major child care provider) the City of London (a major funder of child care) and the Ministry of Education (responsible for licensing child care spaces). We are hopeful that we can arrange for an on-site assessment to help decide whether this is an option worth investigating further. It is important to note that this is a highly regulated service and could only be undertaken as a partnership with an agency like the YMCA. The first step is to determine whether or not our space is at all suitable for such a program.

Theatre and Rehearsal Space

Another option being considered by the committee builds on the current use of FSA as rehearsal space for local theater groups. We have learned for example that there is a shortage of rehearsal space and performance space for audiences in the 150-seat range. We have also learned that developing a fully functional theatre space for performance purposes is a very expensive proposition.

A Strategic Plan for FSA?

During the last two meetings Planning Committee members have expressed support for, and the need for a strategic plan to help guide decision-making (and planning) at FSA.

The Planning Committee is very interested to know if Council members would support such an undertaking.


Our committee met most recently on June 8, 2022 and is happy to welcome Lillian Reid to our midst.  We are also very thankful to Bev Lindsay for assuming leadership of the Prayer Chain.  The following points profile our activities in the last month and plans for the future:

  • The Time and Talent Survey was distributed at the sanctuary door in late May and early June.  There was also a link placed in the eblast for people to complete it at home.  As of June 12 there have been 40 responses.  The responses will be summarized and distributed to committee and group leaders so that they are aware of people willing to work on behalf of their activities.

  • Glenna Hall has prepared a proposal summarizing a simplified approach to the recruiting for, preparation of, and cleaning up after Coffee and Conversation when we hope to resume it in the Fall.  PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED PROPOSAL THAT GLENNA WILL SPEAK TO AT OUR COUNCIL MEETING.

  • Lemonade on the Lawn resumed on Sunday June 12.

  • The Pastoral Care Survey generated several volunteers, people willing to become Lay Visitors or Caring Callers.  Thanks to everyone willing to work on this important ministry.  The names of new volunteers have been forwarded to the team leaders- Mary Mattar for Lay Visitors and Annabelle Logan for Caring Callers.  The survey also identified an interest in some brief preparation for pastoral care activities.  We will plan to offer some form of brief preparatory foundation in the Fall.

  • The Prayer Chain has received requests for prayers from 12 people since Bev Lindsay took over in March.

  • Gerry Meacham continues her supportive ministry of letter writing.

  • There are several new families in the pews and Covid permitting we would like to resume our Newcomers Friendship Group in the Fall.


Senior Choir:

The senior choir is singing in services until the end of June, except for June 12.  Services move to Proudfoot Hall for July and August.  Paul Merritt is playing for July services and sharing with Lynda Kennedy in August.  A roster of soloists for each service has been prepared, including vocal and instrumental.  Congregational singing on hymns recommenced on June 5.


FSA Strings:

The  FSA Strings played for the service on Sunday, June 12 and on Wednesday, June 15 they are giving a concert “A Summer Serenade.”  Igor Saika-Voivod is the conductor/director of the FSA Strings.


Music Director Search:

The search committee met in person on Thursday, June 9 with a candidate.  The candidate also met Joshua, a group of children, and the Senior Choir for a rehearsal followed by a performance on the organ.


Policies and Procedures:

The committee reviewed the policies and procedures which are specific to the Music Committee.  Discussion included committee member roles and the chair’s role.


Summer Concert Music Festival:

The festival, entitled “In Diversity there is Harmony” (the name of the organ sculpture in the Eco-Meditation Garden), began on Saturday, June 11 and continues until August 20.  Details at


Ellita Gagner, an Eberhard vocal scholar this year, is the producer and curator of the festival.  She draws on her experience with the organization she co-founded, the “Can of Soup Collective”, which is dedicated to supporting emerging and young artists.


Forest City London Music Awards (FCLMA):

This is the 20th anniversary of the Awards.  Winners will be announced during the week of June 19-26 and Ellita Gagner is in the list of contenders.  Committee member, Janis Wallace, is a board member of FCLMA.  The Awards Gala (Classical, Jazz, World Music) is Sunday, June 19, 7:00pm at Aeolian Hall.




Jo Ann Silcox, chair
Stephen Adams
Jean Wright

Rev. Lawrence, staff


Laura Wood, chair, treasurer

Kerry Hill

Tristin Hill

Ivana Klouda

Doug McGregor

Lesley Pergau

Barb Ridgewell

Colleen Garrett, (contract bookkeeper)


Heather Locking-Cusolito,


Glenna Hall

Mary Mattar

Annabelle Logan

Gerry Meacham

Deanne Pederson

Jo Ann Silcox

Donna Thompson

Lillian Reid

Rev. Lawrence, staff



Kerry Hill, chair

Bruce Moor

Linda Badke
Stuart Eberhard

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
Kathryn Patton

Margo Christodoulou


Kerry Hill

Barb Dalrymple
Pat Pettit,
Linda Badke
Marilyn Beach
Janice Elliott
Liz Galbraith

Jan Hendry
Bill Knowles

Laurel Kenney

Donna Thompson

David Knoppert, chair

Rev. Lawrence, staff


Merran Neville, chair

Jane Archer Smith

Glenda Baldwin

Igor Saika-Voivod

Terry Peters

Paul Cooper

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

Ann MacPhail

Janis Wallace

Margaret Wardlaw

Paul Merritt, Viki Meredith, interim staff


Michael Feeney

Allyson Watson, chair

Katie Glaves

Susan McKane

Christina Lindsay

Jo Ann Silcox

David Pederson

Elizabeth Stewart, staff



Steve Elson, chair

Barrie Evans

Kerry Hill

Bob Swartman

George Jolink

Kathryn Patton

Nancy Johnson

Laura Wood

Rev. Lawrence, staff


George Jolink, chair

Heather Vouvalidis

Sandra Black-Evans

Ron Bradley

Bill Guthrie, secretary

Peter Ross

Tim Miedema, staff

Willis Buckingham, consulting


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

Paul Cooper, co-chair

Jackie Williams, co-chair

John Eberhard

Janice Elliott

Russ Gonder

Don Jones

Bob Kennedy

David Manness

Al Salmoni

Jim Silcox

Mary Vernon

Jean Wright

David Wake

Katherine Wonfor

Rev. Lawrence, staff

+ advisors Kaitlin Norman, Doug Jones, Del McLennan, Bob Schram, Michael Cooney


(not a Council committee but reports regularly to it)

To get the names of the current UCW executive, contact the church office


Note: Where no link is indicated, either the meeting was cancelled or the document is unavailable electronically