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Family-Friendly Worship Time (multi-generational)

Children start off the morning sitting in the pews with their families from 10:30–10:45 am. This segment of the worship service includes music and language suitable for the whole family. This culminates in the "Children's Time" when children of all ages move the front and enjoy a special time with the presiding minister. They then leave the Sanctuary and head downstairs in the church for their classes. They are collected from their classrooms by their families at the end of the service. On Communion Sundays, they are returned to the Sanctuary by their teachers at Communion time to participate in the sacrament with their parents.


Annual Youth Service (multi-generational)

An innovative, inspiring, and thought-provoking worship service led by our youth. This is a once-a-year event but not always at the same time of year.


Christmas Pageant (multi-generational)

A seasonal, joyous celebration of Christmas presented by the children and youth of the church programs. It usually occurs during Worship Service time on Advent III Sunday.


Big Circle (ages three through grade 12)
An open session for all children and youth to meet before meeting with their peer groups for an activity.
May include music, drama, games, dance, puppets and prayer.

Church School (ages three through grade 6)
Christian development for children achieved through weekly times to gather, engage, respond, bless and reflect. .

Confirmand Class

Confirmands are guided through a variety of experiences to strengthen their understanding of their faith and connect them with their church community. The program is mentorsip-based and involves family commitment.


Lending Library (multi-generational)
Holdings include books of interest to children, youth and families plus Bibles for children and high school students.
New books about families, welcoming well, First Nations and LGBTQ issues are available.


Joshua's Crew

Have you heard the group formerly known as “Junior Youth Group”?  We now ask to be referred to as Joshua’s C.R.E.W.  In the bible, we read “…God spoke to Joshua and said, “Be strong and courageous.”  We believe Joshua was a leader who sought and followed good advice, which is a great theme for youth when we get together! Also, the leader of our church is Joshua who is, not only AWESOME, but a strong, caring leader. ‘C.R.E.W.’ stands for Caring, Resilient, Energetic Witnesses. 

This acronym suites us as we are:

  • Caring – for each other, our church and our community.

  • Resilient – because we are not afraid of challenges, especially with support from our friends.

  • Energetic – because…well…COME ON!!! 

  • Witnesses – because we try to be honest and help others. We can ask and answer questions!

So, in other words, We ARE Joshua’s team, we are his C.R.E.W.!!!

Lending Libraries (multigenerational)
Holdings include books of interest to children, youth and families.
Bibles for children and high school students
New books about families, welcoming well, First Nations and LGBTQ issues are available.

Nursery (infants to age two)
This is a bright, safe space to run, slide, laugh and play.
Open Sundays from 10:00am–12:00pm.

Quiet Room
Located within the nursery, this is a quiet space for sleeping and nursing, complete with a crib, change table, rocking chair and ‘fridge.


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