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Friends of Music

First-St. Andrew's is committed to musical outreach in the London area through year-round concerts made possible through the generous support of "Friends of Music." You can support "Friends of Music" through donations in your name or in memorial to another. Your donations to this self-supporting fund help to underwrite production costs to allow for affordable ticket prices when bringing outstanding performing artists.

Donations can be made by linking from the "DONATE" button below.  You may also donate with a cheque made payable to "First-St. Andrew's United Church" and note that it is for "Friends of Music." Donations made by cheque should be mailed to First-St. Andrew's United Church, 350 Queens Avenue, London, Ontario, N6B 1X6.  You will receive a tax receipt and your name will appear on the "Friends of Music" concert programs as well as on this web page. Please indicate if you wish your donation to be anonymous.




(Note that, should you choose to donate online, the DONATform asks for your email address, not that of the person you are honouring with your donation)

Friends of Music Donors: January, 2021 - March 2024

The following have made donations to Friends of Music during this period.

Dr. Stephen & Ruth Adams

Bonnie Adamson

Sheila Alton

Dr. Stewart Bailey

Barbara Bain

Ken & Glenda Baldwin

Alan Barthel

Paul Barthel

KC Cann

Ellie Cartman

Margo & Alex Christodoulou 

Dr. Paul Cooper & David Hiebert

Cathy Coulthard

Anne Cummings & Ted Hallberg

Anne Cunningham 

Barbara Dalrymple 

Barbara Dodington 

John Dodington

Linda & Ross Dodington 

Fran & John J. Eberhard

Dr. Barrie & Marion Evans

Beth & David Girvan 

Jo Ann Gramlich

Helen & Bill Guthrie

Jane & Don Guthrie 

Patricia & Jim Hartman

Sharon & Barry Head

Jan Hendry

Dr. Harold & Nancy Jackson 

Lisa Johnson

Don & Dorothy Jones 

Bob & Lynda Kennedy

Laurel Kenney 


Ken Lampman

Bev Lindsay

Pat Martin

David Manness & Ivana Klouda

John McElhiney 

Rev. Dr. David McKane & Susan McKane 

Paul Merritt

Elizabeth Mignotte

Merran & Don Neville 

Marilyn Norman 

Suzanne Nuttall

Bob Peel

John Pepper 

Terry Peters & Jackie Williams

Barbara Plante 

Nancy Quinn & Jeff Deluzio 

Jan & Bruce Richardson 

Lynn Robinson

Jim & Jo Ann Silcox

Jane Archer Smith

Sally Smith

Ross Stretton 

Dr. Greta Toni Swart

The Swartman Family

Barbara Williamson

David & Winifred Wake 

Judith Walker

Ron White

Scott Windsor 

Dr. Ken & Jean Wright 

Jean Wuensch

Donations in Memory: January, 2021 – December, 2023

Stephen Adams, Wendell Alton, Beth Bailey, Glen Bain, Jane Dockrill, Ross Dodington, Helen Eberhard, Pauline Frank, Russ Gonder, Ruth Gray, Mary Ellen Gustafson, Terry Head, Jim Hendry, Jim Hutchinson, Harold Jackson, William (Bill) Knowles, Lorraine MacDonald, Inez & William McKane, June McKay, Enid Merritt, Heather Moore, Fryke Oostenbrug, Bob Plante, Charles Smith, Robert (Bob) Swartman, Betty & Bill Thomas, Barry Tiffin, Henry Verrette, Paul Wenn, Dr. Neil Wright

Chris Fisher, Minister of Music

First-St. Andrew's United Church

350 Queens Ave.

London, Ontario, N6B 1X6


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