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First-St. Andrew's has a rich history going back almost 200 years.  The Archives Committee invites you to browse some of that history in the following categories:

The Archives Committee welcomes and invites FSA Members as well as other members of the community who are interested in viewing and/or researching the records stored in our current collection to do so. Therefore, we present this protocol to be observed that we hope will allow free access to the collection as well as to preserve the integrity of the contents and help to maintain the current organization.


Most of our archive is located in boxes and some bound volumes in the Archives Room on the second floor of St. Andrew's Hall.  The following photo is a rendering of the organization of the shelves in the room.










Download a Word Document entitled "PHOTO ALBUM CABINET CATALOGUE" which identifies contents of all photo boxes.  This document is searchable within MS Word. If you have looked at the catalogue and need more detail on what is stored in our "Treasure Boxes." Check out the links below to see what's in them.

Shelf A5


Shelf A6

2023 12 10 Photo with catalogue superimposed copy (003).jpg
Photo Archive

If you're a serious history buff, you might want to check out the First-St. Andrew's Archive Collection at Western.  Link here to get a listing of their FSA holdings.

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