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Look here for back issues of our quarterly magazine,Tidings

Note that over the years there have been some issue-designation inconsistencies. For that reason, in this archive, some of the volume and issue numbers between 2000 and 2006 have been "adjusted" from their original printed designation to fit a logical four-issues-per-calendar-year sequence.


Interpreting the Issue Codes

The issue code is set up so that the first two digits represent the volume number.  The next single digit is the sequential number for that issue in the volume and the last four digits represent the year of publication. Except for the very first issue of Tidings, which was an "Advent/Christmas/Epiphany" issue dated 1-1-1991, the first issue of a calendar year is informally designated as the "Lent/Easter" issue.  The second issue is the "Pentecost/Summer" issue.  The third issue is the "Pentecost/Fall" issue and the final issue is the "Advent/Christmas/Epiphany" issue. An asterisk (*) after the issue designation indicates that, on investigation, no issue was produced for that designation/liturgical season.

"Upside Down" Pages

Beginning with issue 3-4-1993, the Programme Guide was, for a few years, incorporated intoTidings.  For the first few years it was elected to set up the pages so that the Programme Guide part could be read starting with the back page of the entire publication but inverted so that it would appear to the reader as if the first page of a separate journal.  This worked for hard-copy readers, but makes for a "surprise" nowdays for those reading the issue online.  You will need to invert your screen display to read these Programme Guides (or be able to stand on your head!)

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